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Release Notes: 2018-04-10
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 01:55PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the April 10-11, 2018 release of Echo360. For changes made in previous deployments, see the other Release Notes articles located in this Topic group, or contact

New Features

  • Admin CSV Imports now includes Update Enrollment! The Enrollment CSV options now includes Update along with the existing Create and Delete. Admins can now use the imports to change users’ roles in sections, from Instructor to Student or vice versa, as needed.


  • Clarified the Legend descriptions for the Admin Cloud Usage chart. Specifically we have changed ODA (on-demand anonymous) to VOD-Institution (video-on-demand at the institution hierarchical level), and changed On-Demand to VOD-Org/Dept (video-on-demand that occurs within an organization or department hierarchical level).
  • Added a Help bubble to the Scheduling dialog box whenever a user selects Highest Quality (1080p) for an SCHD-appliance recording.
    Refer also to the note added to the following Help article: Capturing and Streaming Video in 1080p 
  • Updates to the Mobile Apps documentation, to include the new features released with the apps in early April as well as overhauling the articles themselves (fewer words! more pictures!).
    See the Mobile Apps articles of the online help. 
  • Documentation for Blackboard LTI Tool configuration and placement has been updated to reflect changes in the Blackboard UI and process.


  • Resolved a student activity issue that was causing incomplete data in the Student Activity  details on the Admin Dashboard as well as in the Engagement page scatterplot graph on the Instructor > Analytics tab. 
  • Resolved an issue where Moodle Course Managers could not use the Echo360 Embed button to embed videos from their Echo360 instructor library into content pages for a Moodle course.

    NOTE: Moodle Admins will need to download and install the updated Moodle Plug-in to receive this fix. See Adding an Echo360 Embed Button to the Moodle Content Editor Toolbar

  • Resolved an issue with the PUT call for the Enrollments API. Added a new PUT endpoint for enrollments that takes a JSON object with a single field, "role". This new endpoint is under v2 instead of v1 /public/api/v2/sections/:sectionId/users/:userId 
    The original (v1) endpoint required a valid, quoted, JSON string. Please note that the v1 endpoint will still work, but it is being marked as deprecated.
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