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Using Notes and Bookmarks in the Mobile App
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2018 11:09AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

The Mobile Apps support both taking Notes in a class as well as marking slides or video locations with Bookmarks. The Notes and Bookmarks you add through the mobile app appear in your Study Guide, just like they do in the browser version of Echo360.

Note that the Windows App does not yet contain Notes/Study Guide functionality. 

To add a bookmark or a note while in the classroom, tap the blue plus sign.

Classroom with add bookmark or confusion mark button identified as described

Creating a Note

When creating a note, you will notice some pre-configured text selections as well as a Custom Note option.

Create note options with pre-configured text and custom note options as described

Selecting one of the pre-configured notes simply makes a note, with the video or slide location stamp, that says either Review Later or On Test.

Selecting Custom Text expands the box to include a small text entry area and pulls up the device keyboard. Replace the existing placeholder text and enter your own.

Add a custom note with text in the classroom as described

The Notes you enter, just like Bookmarks, appear in your study guide for the section, both in the Mobile App and in the browser-based interface of Echo360. The section and class notes are kept in sync.

Viewing Notes in the Classroom

If you have taken notes or added bookmarks in the classroom, tap the Notebook icon located at the top of the screen.

Classroom with video showing and notebook icon identified as described

If you are viewing all slides in the deck (the slide tile view), select the menu icon in the classroom and then select Notebook from the options that appear.

All slides view menu options with Notebook showing for slide notes and bookmarks as described

The Notes panel opens showing all notes or bookmarks you have taken for the current media type you are viewing (either video or slides).

Classroom notes panel open with notes and bookmarks for the video in the class

Editing or Deleting a Note

With the Notes panel open in the classroom, tap on an existing note. The Note screen appears, allowing you to edit then Update the note, or to Delete the note altogether.

Update or delete note view in classroom as described

Bookmarking a Slide or Video Location

Bookmarking simply marks a location in the video or a slide in a presentation in your Study Guide so you can return to that location later as needed.

Tap the blue plus sign then tap Bookmark

Once a mark is added, an icon appears in the top right corner of the classroom view for that 30 second segment. 

Classroom video with bookmark and confusion flag icons showing as described

Removing a bookmark

If there already is a bookmark, while the bookmarked scene is showing (as indicated by the bookmark icon in the top right of the viewer), tap the blue plus sign to remove the bookmark from the scene or slide.

Classroom with video showing a bookmarked scene and unbookmark option identified as described

Viewing the Study Guide - all Bookmarks and Notes

Selecting the Notebook icon while in the classroom will show you all of the bookmarks and notes you have taken in that class for the media type you are viewing at that time.

To see ALL of the notes taken for both types of media in the class, use the Study Guide icon located at the top of the Class list, as shown in the below figure.

Class list with menu open showing Study Guide option for selection as described

This opens the Study Guide page for the FIRST class listed in the class list.

Study guide open to class with no notes and navigation to other classes labeled as described

Use the drop-down arrow or the paging buttons to select a different class whose notes and bookmarks to view. All notes and bookmarks taken for all media in the class are listed in the Study Guide, as shown in the below figure.

Study guide for class with video and slide notes and bookmarks

Tap a note or bookmark to open the class at that location.
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