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Viewing Classes in the Mobile App
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2019 09:31AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

By default, the current Term's sections are shown when you log into the Mobile App. If you have other terms' sections visible to you, you can select a different term's sections to view.

Tap on a section to view the classes for the section.

Section list for selected term as described

If the class has both dated and non-dated classes, they are listed separately in the class list for easier finding and sorting.

NOTE: Live streams cannot be viewed in the mobile app. In fact, unless the class also has a presentation in it, you won't even see the class listed. The completed video can be viewed later through the app however. You can view live streams through a supported mobile browser.

Classlist for selected section as described

Tap a class to view the class. If the class has both video and a slide deck, select which you want to view.

Selection to view video or slides in the classroom as described

You can switch between video and slides while in the classroom if necessary.  The below figure shows the slide view in the classroom with the Video icon button available to switch to the video. If you are viewing the video, this button changes to the Slide icon.

Slide view in classroom with switch to video button identified as described

If there are multiple video feeds in the class, tap the Swap button located to the right of the playback bar at the bottom of the screen to switch between them. This is shown in the below figure.

Once a video is playing in the app, you can turn off your mobile device display and continue listening to the audio feed of the class video.

Classroom video with swap button identified to switch to other video stream as described

While viewing a video, tap the Settings icon to change the playback options.

Classroom with settings icon identified for playback options as described

Playback options include changing the playback Quality, playback Speed, and Closed Captioning (if available). 

Classroom settings menu with options as described

Tap the Quality setting option to select to view the playback in HD, SD or to playback Audio Only (designed to reduce data and bandwidth usage of playback).

Playback quality options for selection as described

Tap the Speed option to select to view the playback at something other than Normal (1X) speed.

Speed setting options for playback for selection as described

Tap Closed Captioning to toggle available captions On or Off.

While viewing a class, tap the blue plus sign to create a new note, add a bookmark, or mark the scene or slide as confusing. For more details, see Adding or Removing or Viewing Bookmarks in the Mobile App and Adding or Removing Confusion Flags in the Mobile App.

Classroom with add note or bookmark or confusion button identified as described

If the scene or slide is already bookmarked or flagged, an icon appears in the top right corner of the classroom view for that 30 second segment. Tap the blue plus sign during a marked segment to remove the bookmark or confusion marker. 

Classroom video with bookmark and confusion flag icons showing as described

To view the notes or bookmarks you may have already taken in the class, tap the Notebook/Study Guide icon from the top of the screen as shown in the below figure.
Classroom with video showing and notebook or study guide icon identified.

The Notebook/Study Guide icon opens a list of all notes taken for the video in the class, as well as any bookmarks you may have added for video locations, as shown below.

Classroom video with notes and bookmarks panel showing as described

Each classroom also has a menu (shown below) with options for the class itself. Use the classroom menu to open the Q&A page for the class. See Posting and Responding to Class Q&A or Discussion Posts for details on viewing, posting, and responding to class discussion threads.

Classroom menu with menu icon identified and menu options open for selections as described

If you are viewing the slides for a class, the classroom menu also provides a Refresh option. Use this in the event the instructor changed something about the slide deck while you were viewing it (hid/revealed slides, or added or removed slides from the presentation). This refreshes the slide view to reflect these changes. 

If you are viewing all slides for the class (slide overview), the classroom menu is how you would open the Notebook/Study Guide from this view. Otherwise use the Notebook/Study Guide icon available when viewing individual slides, identical to that seen when viewing a video. 

Class menu options when slides are showing in the classroom as described

Selecting a Term to view (other than current/default)

By default, the current Term's sections are shown when you log into the Mobile App. If you have other terms' sections visible to you, you can select a different term's sections to view.

The main menu for the app allows you to select a different term whose courses to view. The main menu is opened by clicking the menu button located in the top left corner of the app.

iOS app with menu button identified as described

The menu appears in a flyout, containing a list of available terms, as well as commands for uploading a video, going into Offline mode, and logging out.

iOS Main menu for mobile app with options as described

Select a term to view the sections for that term.
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