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Quick Guide to the Mobile Apps
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018 02:33PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The Echo360 Mobile App is fairly intuitive, but this article is provided as a quick reference for how to find certain features in the App. It includes links to other articles with more details about the linked feature.

After logging in, you get a list of sections in the current term. Tap on a section to see the class list. The class list is separated into dated and undated classes. If the section does not have any classes without dates, you get a single list of classes.

Section list for current term after logging in as described Class list for selected section with dated and undated lists as described


To reorder the class list by date, tap the Reorder icon in the top right corner above the class list. This changes the order of classes to ascending or descending by date.
For Undated classes, this reorders the list alphabetically.

Class list with reorder button identified

Tap the Study Guide icon from the class list to open the Study Guide for the section. The Study Guide opens showing the Bookmarks for the FIRST class listed in the class list based on the current sort order applied. Select a class if necessary to view all notes and bookmarks added to that class.

Class list with Study Guide icon identified for opening bookmarks page as described Study Guide for first class in the class list showing navigation options as described


From the class list, tap a class to view the video and/or slides in the classroom. If there are both, you will have to select which you want to view.

Selection to view video or slides in the classroom as described

You can switch between video and slides while in the classroom if necessary. ‚ÄčThe below figure shows the slide view in the classroom with the Video icon button available to switch to viewing the video. If you are viewing the video, this button changes to the Slide icon.

Slide view in classroom with switch to video button identified as described

If there are multiple video feeds available, use the Swap button located to the right of the playback bar at the bottom of the screen to switch between them. This is shown in the below figure.

Classroom video with swap button identified to switch to other video stream as described

While viewing a video, tap the Settings icon to change the playback options. Playback options include changing the playback Quality or playback Speed

Classroom with settings icon identified for playback options as described Classroom settings menu with options as described


While viewing a class, tap the blue plus sign to:

Create note or bookmark or confusion mark options from blue plus sign as described create note dialog box in classroom with preconfigured text and custom text options

Once a bookmark or confusion mark is added, an icon appears in the top right corner of the classroom view for that 30 second segment. Both icons are shown in the below figure.
If either icon is showing, tap the blue plus sign to remove the bookmark or confusion flag.

Classroom video with bookmark and confusion flag icons showing as described Classroom with bookmark showing unbookmark option as described


Selecting the Notebook icon when viewing a single slide or while viewing a video shows the Notes or Bookmarks for the media type currently being viewed for the currently open class. Tap on a note to edit it.
If you are viewing all slides in overview mode, the notes panel is accessed via the classroom Menu button as shown later on this page.

Classroom with video showing and notebook icon identified as described Video notes and bookmarks panel opened by tapping notebook icon as described


Tap the classroom menu icon to access the Questions/Discussions page for the class. Selecting Questions from the class menu opens the discussion page for the class, listing any question or response entries already posted to the class. 

  • Tap the green plus sign to add a question or discussion post to the class.
  • Tap a question to see any responses posted for the question, and add one if appropriate.
  • Tap a question to edit or delete the question or its responses. You can only edit/delete YOUR own posts (instructors can delete anyone's posts but cannot edit them).
  • For further instructions, see Posting and Responding to Class Q&A or Discussion Posts
Classroom showing menu icon selected with questions option shown as described Questions already posted for class as described


If you are viewing the slide deck for a class, the classroom menu also has a Refresh option. Use this in the event the instructor changed something about the slide deck while you were viewing (hid/revealed slides, or added or removed slides from the presentation).

Class menu options when slides are showing in the classroom as described


To download the class video for viewing offline, tap the class menu and select Download Video. If the class video has two video feeds, select which to download (you can download both and view them in offline mode).
Once downloaded, the class is shown with an Available Offline icon and text to indicate the class video is available on the device and can be viewed without internet connectivity.

Class menu button identified with download options shown as described Class with available offline video identified as described


To view downloaded classes in offline mode, return to the main menu of the app, and select Go Offline. (To access the main menu, click the "back arrow" from the class list, then click the Menu icon in the top left corner above the list of sections.) 

Main Menu of the mobile app with go offline option identified as described

When you are in offline mode, simply click the class you want to view.
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