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Using Weighting to make Engagement Equal to a Single Metric
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2019 01:31PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Because Echo360 allows you to customize what engagement means to you, you can use the Weighting settings to change (as often as you like) how Weighted Engagement is calculated using the data that already exists for the section/students.

For example, you may decide that you want to see how much of the video media each student is viewing. You CAN navigate to the Analytics > Students tab, generate an export, and review the Video Views % data for each student. However you cannot view this data in the interface, and you currently cannot export Video View % to your LMS Gradebook.

To solve that problem, you can change your Engagement Weighting so that Video Views are the only thing that count toward weighted engagement scoring. In this case, each student's weighted engagement score for each class will equal the % viewed of that class' video. When rolled up across all classes, the total Weighted Engagement score for each student will be the aggregate view % across the classes that have already occurred.

To do this, move the metric's slider you want (in this case Video Views) all the way to the right AND slide the remaining metrics' sliders all the way to the left. The metric you want should read 100%.

The image below shows how this setting would look in the Engagement page of the Analytics tab. BE SURE to click Apply once you have made changes.

Analytics page with Weighting tab shown and video views set as 100% of engagement scoring

When you return to the Students tab of the Analytics page, the Weighted Engagement score for each student will reflect the percentage of the class videos each has watched. This is shown in the below figure.

Students tab of Analytics page showing weighted engagement as video view percentage for a class

In addition, when you export Engagement to your LMS Gradebook, the value exported for the selected classes will be limited to video view percentage by each student. The same would be true for an Engagement export to CSV as well for the Weighted Engagement score shown in an Export of Student Data to CSV.

This process can be applied to any of the Weighting metrics available, and can be changed as often as you like. While the data itself is only updated once daily, changing the Weighting sliders simply changes the Weighted Engagement calculation using existing data. Once you click Apply, the calculations are re-performed and the Weighted Engagement percentage shown reflects the new value.

If you want, you can use this method to identify two different metrics as the sole inputs to engagement. Perhaps you weigh Video Views and Presentation Views equally and want to see which students are viewing ALL the class materials. Move BOTH sliders (Video Views and Presentation Views) all the way to the right, and move the remaining sliders all the way to the left. The percentage shown for the two active metrics should read 50%.

Once again, be sure to click Apply once you make changes to the Engagement sliders.
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