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Creating Ad Hoc Captures with Universal Capture
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2018 10:48AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

NOTE: Universal Capture for Windows is now available for institutions that have opted in for Universal Capture selected beta testing. If you are interested in more information regarding beta testing contact your Echo360 representative or send a message to

Universal Capture has been designed with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to create an ad hoc recording or impromptu lecture to supplement your in-class materials.

NOTE: In Classroom mode, you cannot start an ad hoc capture within five minutes of the next scheduled recording. The scheduled capture requires a "preroll" period before it can begin, and clicking Record will start the upcoming scheduled recording early.

Creating an ad hoc recording using Universal Capture

When creating an ad hoc recording with Universal Capture, you can select the section you want to publish to by editing the Capture Details. Universal Capture automatically CREATES a new class in the course/section you select to hold the capture. Meaning you may need to edit the class details after the capture is published. In addition, captures are immediately available to students when published. If no section is selected, Universal Capture will publish recordings to your Personal Library by default.

  1. Launch Universal Capture.
    • If using Classroom mode, you can launch via the desktop application, device Web UI or Universal Capture button.
    • If using Personal mode, you must use the desktop application.
  2. Log in (if not already authenticated).
  3. Select the inputs you want to capture.
    Audio is always required.
    You can select to capture display and video, two display inputs, or two video inputs besides the audio. Universal Capture will initially preselect inputs for you based on any available devices and then remember the last inputs chosen.

    Desktop application UI with no selected inputs
  4. Preview the inputs on the screen, to be sure they will record properly.
  5. Click the pencil icon or title to launch the Capture Details dialog box. Enter a Title, add a Description or Tags and select a Publishing location for the recording if desired. Otherwise, the following default information will be used:
    Capture details screen as described
    • Title: Untitled
    • Description: Blank
    • Tags: Blank
    • Publish Location: Library
  6. Click Record.
    A countdown appears after which the Universal Capture window minimizes and the capture begins. You can now Pause the recording for any reason, then Resume when you are ready.
  7. When you are done, click Finish.

The recording is completed and finishes uploading to the Echo360 server to complete processing. You will receive an email notification when processing is finished. Universal Capture recordings are available for viewing and editing while processing.

To cancel a recording

As the presenter, you also have the ability to cancel a recording if desired. This means that the recording will be deleted completely with no ability to recover it and it will never be uploaded to Echo360.

  1. Launch a Universal Capture window. You can launch the desktop application, the device Web UI or use the Universal Capture button.
  2. Click the X to cancel.
    UC controls with Cancel enabled
  3. Confirm that you would like to cancel the recording.
    Cancel Confirmation screen

Classroom mode

In Classroom mode, the default length of an ad hoc recording is 1 hour. All ad hoc recordings will start with this length and countdown the remaining time. You can, however, add time to the recording by clicking the Plus (+) and then selecting how long you would like to extend the recording. The amount of time available for extension is determined by whether there are any upcoming scheduled recordings and the overall capture length (maximum 8-hour capture length).
Universal Capture extension options

If there is an interruption in the recording such as a power loss, logging out, restarting the computer, logging in as a different user, etc. Classroom mode will continue to record for the full capture length even if the application has been closed. Universal Capture also handles device interruptions where a device could become unplugged or unavailable and will fall back to a secondary input, if available.

Personal mode

In Personal mode, there is no default length for recordings. This means that there is no recording progress bar at the bottom of the UI like there is in Classroom mode. Instead, there is a timer that counts up to display the current recording length. This also means that there are no extension options available. If a recording is not Finished (stopped) and the application is not closed, it will record for the maximum 8-hour capture length.

Personal mode will handle device interruptions where a device could become unplugged or unavailable and will fall back to a secondary input, if available. However, if the application is closed, a user logs out, etc., any ongoing recording will be considered completed and upload to Echo360 for processing.
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