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Universal Capture for Admins
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018 03:56PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

NOTE: This feature is only available for institutions where the Universal Capture feature has been enabled and is currently in selected beta testing. If you are interested in more information or adding this feature to your institution, contact your Echo360 representative or send a message to

Universal Capture is a cross-platform application that allows you to use the Mac located in a classroom as a capture device.

In addition to the capture application installed on the Mac, Academic Staff can easily use the Universal Capture interface via the Device Web UI or Universal Capture button to set up ad hoc captures for impromptu lectures, or control scheduled recordings if they need to.


  1. Review the Universal Capture Features.
  2. Review the Universal Capture Specifications.
  3. Download and Install Universal Capture software.
  4. Assign the device to a room.
  5. Configure device defaults (input sources and generic device logins).

Once setup is finished and the Universal Capture device is assigned to a room, you can schedule captures for the room.

**Universal Capture Device Must Be On**
In order for Universal Capture to record a scheduled lecture:
 -- The podium computer with Universal Capture installed must be on.
This allows scheduled captures to begin at the predetermined time.

Monitor Recordings

As an Administrator, there are multiple ways to monitor recordings to ensure that captures are occurring, the proper inputs are being captured, audio levels are correct (visual indicator only), etc.

Device Web UI

NOTE that the Universal Capture device Web UI is only accessible if single sign-on (SSO) for devices has been enabled for your Institution and is configured on the device. Contact Echo360 support for more information on Device SSO.

The legacy device Web UI with all of the Admin tools you are used to is still accessible by default from the ROOMS tab using the 'Log in to Device' button for any Room with the Universal Capture Desktop Application installed. In order to access the Universal Capture device web UI, simply access the legacy device Web UI and remove the "/advanced" portion of the URL. Alternatively, navigate to the IP address or domain name for the device in your web browser.

Cloud mode

Administrators can log into Universal Capture's Cloud mode via the ROOMS tab using the Universal Capture View Room button for any Room with the Universal Capture Desktop Application installed. This will launch the Universal Capture Cloud UI for real-time monitoring of the application. When Idle, Admins can preview different inputs for monitoring or configuration purposes. During a recording, Admins will see the VU meter as well as images for the active inputs (1 thumbnail per second). Remote control of the application is also possible, including the ability to Start, Pause, Finish or Extend a recording.
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