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Universal Capture Overview
Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 11:50AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Echo360 Universal Capture is a cross-platform application that runs on Mac or Windows, and is accessible from the Application itself (either Universal Capture: Classroom or Universal Capture: Personal), from the Universal Capture: Device interface or from the Universal Capture: Online interface and allows you to create recordings to supplement your in-class materials.

Our goal is to keep the application simple and clean. Creating recordings is as simple as selecting the inputs and clicking Record, then publishing the recording to your library or a class.

Once published to a class, the recording is available to students, or you can configure availability on a schedule if you prefer.

IMPORTANT: If you access Echo360 through a learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas or Blackboard or Moodle, you must establish a direct login to Echo360 to publish Universal Capture recordings. See Creating or Changing Your Echo360 Password.
If your institution uses single sign-on authentication and you log into an institution portal to access Echo360, Universal Capture will walk you through the login process via your default browser, requesting your institution login credentials.

Desktop Application

The following keyboard shortcut will open a Web Console within the application if needed for debugging purposes.

Universal Capture: Classroom

Universal Capture: Classroom is a managed version of the Universal Capture desktop application. In Classroom mode, the Universal Capture application is considered a managed device and must be assigned to a room associated with an Institution. Recordings can be scheduled and the device is capable of live streaming. If access to the Cloud has been enabled the device can also be controlled and monitored remotely.

Universal Capture: Personal

Universal Capture: Personal is a stand-alone version of the Universal Capture desktop application. Personal mode is not accessible through the Cloud and will therefore never allow for remote control or monitoring of the application. This mode does not allow for a Room assignment and is therefore not accessible through the device Web UI. Recordings are created on an ad hoc basis and can be published to whichever Institution the user is logged into.

Network considerations

A network or internet connection IS necessary to use the Universal Capture desktop application to create and upload a recording.

Universal Capture: Device

NOTE that the Universal Capture: Device interface is only accessible if single sign-on (SSO) for devices has been enabled for your Institution and is configured on the device. Contact Echo360 support for more information on Device SSO.

The Device interface is available for any Universal Capture capable Room using a LAN (local area network) connection.

The Device interface is accessible from the Rooms tab. For any Universal Capture capable Appliance or any computer with Universal Capture: Classroom installed, simply click the Log In button on the Room Card and remove the "/advanced" portion of the URL. If "/advanced" is left in place, the legacy device Web UI will be shown instead. Alternatively, simply navigate to the IP address or domain name for the device in your web browser.

Network considerations

A network or internet connection IS necessary to launch and use the Device interface to create and upload a recording.

Universal Capture: Online

The Universal Capture: Online interface allows for ad hoc control of software devices from Echo360 by establishing a direct web socket connection to the Universal Capture device (Classroom and Appliances only). This mode can be accessed by users anywhere using an internet connection. Instructors can launch the Online interface by clicking Universal Capture from the Echo360 Home in any room with Universal Capture installed. For Administrators, this mode can be accessed by using the View Room button on any Room Card where Universal Capture is available.

Network considerations

A network or internet connection IS necessary to access the Universal Capture: Online interface to create and upload a recording.
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