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Identifying Potential Instructor Users
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 03:38PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins
Step 1:  Look for faculty who are “innovators” or “early adopters” and want to incorporate new practice into their programs or curriculum.  If you are not familiar with Everett Rogers theory of “diffusion of innovations” it’s a helpful read to understand technology adoption.

Hint:  We also recommend having an executive level academic champion to support your technology and adoption initiatives.  Whether it be the Provost, Dean, CIO, Head of Academic Technology, etc.  this supporter will play an integral part in your success!
Below you will find some tips for identifying initial users of Echo360.
  • Identify faculty who create video for their courses, or who record their lectures.
    Even if they are using other products, these instructors probably already understand how video or recordings complement their teaching.
  • Find faculty who share their presentations with their students.
    Faculty who are already comfortable with sharing their content with students will find value in Echo360’s capabilities to share content, add activities, and track presentation views.
  • If you poll, they will come.
    If polling is a must in the classroom, invite the instructors who are using polls to try the capabilities in Echo360 to enhance their question types, track student responses, and integrate advanced analytics into the Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)  gradebook.
  • New departmental policies could equal the need for recordings.
    Check with departments heads or heads of IT to learn if certain departments have lecture recording policies for making lectures available to students, to meet accessibility requirements, or for accreditation needs.

  • Student Success Initiatives
    If you have instructors interested or participating in student success initiatives on campus, these folks might be interested in incorporating technology into their curricula to drive success in their courses.

  • Start with the “super user” programs.
    Echo360 data has shown for years that students in schools or programs with highly complex content, such as medical, nursing, dentistry, radiology, pharmacy and other health science or science programs tend to have the highest levels of student video viewership.  Kick start lecture capture use with one or several of these programs or departments.

  • Target a research grant.
    Work with research teams or instructors who are investigating how technology impacts learning outcomes for the purposes of institutional research, a grant, or for a published research project.  These users will benefit from the student behavior data and dashboards that will add value to their research studies.

  • Accessibility compliance.
    You may want to check in with the institution’s accessibility office or officer.  There may be a campus video initiative, captioning requirements, or a need for individual students with learning challenges or needs that Echo360 can help support.

    Don’t limit yourself to just these groups – Library Directors, EMBA programs, Academic Affairs offices, and others have found valuable uses for Echo360.  However, you may want to define your initial group of users in order to jump start your program.

What's Next

Move to Step 2: Campus Promotion and Platform Description where we provide you ideas and tools to get started with promotional activities.


Note: this program does not include training but we do reference getting started materials and documentation. If you are interested in learning more about our training offerings reach out to your customer success manager or account team regarding training needs.  Not  sure who that is? No problem. Just email us at and we can get you squared away.
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