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Release Notes: 2018-01-09
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:36PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the January 9-10, 2018 release of Echo360. For changes made in previous deployments, see the other Release Notes articles located in this Topic group, or contact 

New Features

  • Our Login flow has changed! Our new login flow is designed to make login less prone to errors and more streamlined, particularly for Single-Sign-On users. Users will now enter their email address, at which point SSO users will be given the institution login page they are used to seeing, without having to click a special button. Other (direct login) users will be asked to select an institution (if they belong to more than one) and then enter their password.

    New Users will still be able to register for Echo360 accounts if necessary.

    And if you are an LMS user who accesses Echo360 through a learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.) nothing has changed for you. You will still be authenticated through your LMS just like you always have.


  • Transition to new online resource center is complete. The site is now the go-to resource for online help and other user support aids. All in-product links have been updated to point to the relevant locations on the new site.
  • Classroom Capture has been improved to now handle the rare scenario where Task Manager gets stuck in a reboot loop, potentially causing missed captures.


  • Several fixes to section analytics, specifically pertaining to video and presentation views. View counts are now being properly incremented (for both classes as a whole and students in particular) and are displaying properly in the UI as well as CSV downloads. View percentages have also been addressed to be calculated more accurately (released as a hotfix). 
  • Attendance analytics are now being logged properly for dated classes.
  • Addressed the inability for instructors, in some cases, to remove schedule-generated captures from cloned sections (the captures were cloned but could not be removed from the class). Those captures can now be removed as needed (released as a hotfix).
  • Resolved an issue where instructors could not publish presentations to future classes (released as a hotfix).
  • Student responses on Short Answer activities now wrap if necessary, allowing both students and instructors to see the full text of the answer on the activity slide. Hard returns are also now respected and appear in the text viewing of the answer.
  • Video player controls are no longer partially hidden by the bottom of presentation slides.
  • Unenrolling students from a section now properly removes their activity slide answers from the analytics information (released as a hotfix).
  • Resolved an issue where, when using Finnish, captures initiated from the Desktop UI of Classroom Capture would not start.
  • Fixed an issue where Classroom Capture downloads from Echo360 were not working (released as a hotfix).
  • Sections that contain special characters (<, >, &, etc.) now appear correctly in the Device Web UI when selecting a publishing location for ad hoc captures.
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