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Release Notes: 2017-11-28
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:35PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins


These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the newest releases of Echo360, listed by the date with the most recent changes listed first. For changes prior to those listed here, see previous release notes listed here, or contact

PLEASE NOTE: Our typical two-week release cycle is being slightly altered to accommodate the year-end holidays and vacation schedules therein. Specifically, we are skipping what would be the regular two-week deployment at the end of December,and will resume regular deployments in January 2018.
Our deployment dates for the next releases are as follows:

  • November 28-29 (this one)
  • December 12-13 (last deployment for 2017)
  • January 9-10 2018

Release 11.28.17


  • Updated Activity Slide views now in Mobile Apps and PowerPoint presentation mode – The redesigned activity slide views that have been seen in Echo360 through web browsers are now being shown when viewing activity slides through the Mobile Apps as well as through PowerPoint display of a slide deck that has been published to Echo360 via the PPT Ribbon Add-on. These views include better contrast between answer selections, and improved functionality for both Image Quizzes and Ordered List Activities through the Mobile Apps.
  • Better tracking of missed classroom events – When in-class network connectivity fails, sometimes Instructor changes to slides (hide/unhide, close polling, etc.) can get lost or missed before the student’s connection is re-established. Echo360 has enabled a  "message recovery” system that helps identify failed events and re-sends them to the  student in order to keep their classroom view as accurate in real-time as possible when network fluctuations occur.
  • Section API now allows for direct linking LMS course/section to an Echo360 section – We have added an lmsCourses parameter to the Section API that provides the ability not only  to identify the LMS course/section ID to link the Echo360 section to, but you can also use the boolean “ltiLinksToSection” value to indicate that any incoming links to Echo360 from the identified LMS course will automatically direct users to the Class List or Section Home page of this section. Refer to the SwaggerDocs for your region for details on the lmsCourses parameters and associated values.
  • Improvements to the Live Streaming service – Designed to reduce or eliminate issues where users could not connect to a Live Stream because of a Wowza netConnection error, Echo360 will replace an in-use Wowza server with a different one if the initial one is in a bad state.


  • Slide deck percentage (%) viewed statistic is now being logged and displayed accurately for student slide views.
  • Proper “invalid ID” message is now being returned if a CSV Delete action import object has one or more malformed ID entries (the ID has spaces in it).
  • Public Section Access Links that are configured with “Open Registration” now allow students and instructors in EU and AU regions to register an account with Echo360.
  • Continued improvements to Classroom Capture “stitching” functionality so that if duration is not detected properly in any track of a .wmv file, the capture will still stitch together.
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