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Release Notes: 2017-11-14
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:35PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins


These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the newest releases of Echo360, listed by the date with the most recent changes listed first. For changes prior to those listed here, see previous release notes listed here, or contact 

PLEASE NOTE: Our typical two-week release cycle is being slightly altered to
accommodate the year-end holidays and vacation schedules therein. Specifically, we
are skipping what would be the regular two-week deployment at the end of December,
and will resume regular deployments in January 2018.
Our deployment dates for the next releases are as follows:
  • November 14-15 (this one)
  • November 28-29
  • December 12-13 (last deployment for 2017)
  • January 9-10 2018

Release 11.14.17


  • Better Delayed Video Availability messaging for Instructors and Students – If the Delay video availability setting is enabled, students cannot watch a classroom video until that item has closed captions applied. Students now see a message in the classroom if the video is not available because it does not yet have closed captions. Instructors also now see a “dark gray” video icon for a class where the video cannot be viewed by students due to captions not being present. In addition, hovering over the icon provides a tooltip explaining  why the video is unavailable.
  • New User Feedback provider – we have shifted to using Canny as our user feedback provider, in order to give users a better experience in talking to us about their Echo360 experience. Don’t worry though; we migrated the existing feedback into the new provider instance, so you don’t have to re-submit your ideas. Use the Feedback Tile on the Admin Dashboard page, or the Feedback option from the Settings Menu to check out the new feedback interface.
  • Improved media processing for MP4 via CCAP on Windows 10, so that if a capture worker abnormally terminates, the end capture is properly stitched together and viewable by users.
NOTE: Development and Testing accounts are currently being upgraded to Secure CloudFront on a rolling basis. All Production accounts will be upgraded on December 20th, 2017.


  • Resolved an issue where Student Activity numbers were not appearing on the Admin Dashboard (Student Activity card showed 0).
  • Improved display of Activity Slides as viewed through the Mobile Apps as well as those presented through the PowerPoint Ribbon. In particular, Ordered List activities are easier to view and respond to through the Mobile Apps. Please note, however, that if viewing activities on a smaller screen, particularly in Landscape mode, you may need to switch to Portrait mode to see all selectable answers.
  • Resolved a caption parsing difference between the ESS and Echo360 that was causing migrated captures to not have their closed captions applied properly.
  • Users no longer receive an error when accessing Echo360 via an LMS with an updated email address that causes conflict with another existing user. We are still addressing the root of the problem, but users are able to access the system.
  • Completed reprocessing of all recoverable segmented CCAP captures so that users can now view them in their entirety (see related Fix listed under Release 10.31.17 below).
  • Better handling of a Classroom Capture exception caused by input device removal.
  • Resolved an issue where switching input sources on an Echo360 PRO caused rolling on both channels.  
NOTE: Analytic data that had been missing from the UI for a two week period in September (9/6 - 9/20) has been fully restored to the system. If you export Echo360 Analytics to your LMS Gradebook, you should plan to re-export grades once the updated analytic data for this period is restored and viewable in Echo360.
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