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Enabling Flash and other Browser settings
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 09:04AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Echo360 is a web-based application that uses a browser to view content and as such has certain browser requirements. Beyond ensuring you're using a supported browser, there are also some configuration settings you may need to check or change to successfully use Echo360.

Flash, Live Classes, and Chrome or Edge: If you're trying to view a LIVE class in Chrome or Edge and got stuck, here is the "tl;dr" version of "how to enable Flash" for you if you're in a hurry:
  1. Click the Lock icon in the URL bar. This opens a website permissions pop up box.
  2. For Edge, click Allow Adobe Flash then Refresh the page (press F5 or click the Refresh button).
    Edge browser with Website security pop up box open and Allow Adobe Flash option identified
  3. For Chrome, select Site settings from the menu.
    Chrome with website security pop up box open and site settings option identifed
  4. Find Flash in the Settings list and change it to Allow.
    Chrome site settings list with Flash identified and Allow set for permissions
  5. Close the Settings tab and Reload/Refresh the page.

Browser-specific Settings

Some Echo360 users may find it necessary to enable cookies in the browser, but others will not. It depends on what browser you use, your configured defaults, whether you access Echo360 through an LMS such as Moodle or Canvas, and whether Echo360 opens in a new tab or within a frame of the LMS. To view Live streams, you must enable Adobe Flash in the browser. Other settings may or may not be required.

The articles listed below provide procedures for how to configure each browser to allow Echo360 to seamlessly provide content.

Despite using Flash, iOS allows for Live stream viewing. How? iOS uses HLS instead of Flash for live streaming. (HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming Protocol, in case you were interested.)

Unfortunately Android devices CANNOT be used to view Live streams.
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