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Release Notes: 2017-10-31
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:35PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins


These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the newest release of Echo360, dated below. For changes prior to those listed here, see previous release notes by date, or contact 

Release 10.31.17

New Features

CSV Imports now allow for downloading the Error list. If the list of errors generated by a CSV
Import is very long, it can be difficult to address each errored row by referring back to the UI
for the list of errors. The CSV Imports now provides a download link so that the list of errors
can be downloaded to a CSV file for analysis and remediation of the data.



  • Minor UI improvements surrounding the Admin Dashboard cards and their associated details views.
  • Added targeted documentation regarding the appropriate browser settings for cookies when attempting to view Echo360 content. Specifically to address changes in Safari preferences with recent updates to Safari 11.  

    See for details.

  • Improvements to our Mobile Apps including:
    • Support for the new iPhone X
    • Variable Speed Playback for Offline video viewing on Android
    • Performance improvements across platforms


  • Resolved an issue where a device, after having been offline for some time, could come back up in a bad state and potentially cause future scheduled captures on that device to be marked as missed.
  • Resolved some display issues occurring in the Mobile app after users upgraded to iOS 11.
  • Users entering Echo360 via an LTI link through an LMS now have their personal data automatically updated based on the fields sent by the LMS. This includes First Name, Last Name, and Email address if changed.
  • The capture worker on appliances will now attempt to restart if it receives a 'ReceiveGraphics failed' message during a capture.
  • Fixed an issue where Classroom Capture on some Windows machines was restarting unnecessarily during captures and causing the resultant capture not to 'stitch' together properly.
    NOTE that we will be reprocessing all affected captures so that they can be viewed in their entirety.
  • Resolved an issue where certain files for live captures were being left in place after the live stream ended, causing issues with preceding/succeeding live streams that used the same ports, potentially resulting in live streams with 'missing' inputs.
  • Resolved an issue where an Instructor who is also an Admin, but who has not had administrative rights applied to any levels of the hierarchy, cannot publish to their own section(s).
  • Mobile player now plays properly on Android Phones running the newer Chrome browser.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing some CSV section exports to fail.
  • Variable speed playback no longer causes the playback to skip or hang. Also resolved occasional sync issues between dual visual playback when VSP was repeatedly changed. Addressed an issue where opening the Capture Schedule UI would remove exclusion dates from the schedule, causing captures to occur on those dates.
  • Attendance is now counted for dateless classes if a student enters class and views slides and/or video, or responds to one or more activity slides
  • Echo360 content is again being properly displayed within the frame through the D2L (Desire2Learn) LMS.
  • Deleting a capture schedule no longer orphans captures, which was causing them to appear on the Scheduled tab (but not actually occurring).
NOTE: Analytic data that had been missing from the UI for a two week period in September (9/6 - 9/20) is being restored to the system. This means you may see numbers for these past classes change for students, in particular for video or presentation views of content. If you export Echo360 Analytics to your LMS Gradebook, you should plan to re-export grades once the updated analytic data for this period is restored and viewable in Echo360.
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