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Using USB Cameras with the Echo360 Pod
Last Updated: Apr 09, 2019 01:34PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The back of the Echo360 Pod has a USB port into which users can plug in a USB-connected camera. Echo360 supports the Logitech 920 and HP HD-4310 USB cameras specifically. See Supported Devices for SCHD, Pro and Pod for additional details.

Generally speaking, the Pod supports the use of any UVC (USB video class) cameras that provide 1280x720 resolution with 30 fps (frames per second) and MJPEG. See for more information on UVC.

The Pod, however, is smart enough to be able to detect whether the camera plugged into the USB port is compatible and will let you know if it is not.

The figure below shows a pod with one HDMI input and a USB camera connected in Channel 2 that is NOT compatible with the Pod. The video input from that device on that channel will not succeed. (In this particular case the HDMI input should succeed on that channel, however.)

Touchpad of POD with arrow showing crossed out USB indicator for non supported camera

When a supported USB camera is plugged in, the screen appears, with USB identified for that channel's input and not crossed out.

Touchpad of POD with supported USB camera plugged in and indicated as described

Items to note about using USB Cameras with the Pod

While you CAN plug two USB cameras into the back of the Pod (there are two USB ports) the Pod will only recognize one of them.

As with all capture appliances, you can capture up to two video inputs plus audio. However, you can capture audio from up to three inputs, depending on the camera capabilities and device configuration. HDMI cameras, as well as USB cameras, can capture audio if the cameras are equipped with a microphone. All audio inputs are merged on capture processing.

If channel 2 has both an HDMI and a USB camera plugged in, you must select which input you want to use; you cannot capture both on the same channel. See Echo360 Pod FAQs and How-to's for initiating an ad hoc capture via the Pod. See Configure the Echo360 POD for information on device default settings for the Pod.
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