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Exporting Specific Course Analytic Data Metrics to CSV File
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2019 01:33PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The Analytics Page provides a Classes export, which exports all student analytic data broken down by class, and two Students exports, one for each student for all classes, and one for each student for a particular class. These exports provide a great deal of information, however if you are looking for information only about a specific metric, you can use the Export tab.

The Export tab allows you to select a particular data metric, and export ONLY that metric to a CSV file. The resulting file contains columns for each class, and rows for each student, with the selected metric value shown in the corresponding cell. Students are listed alphabetically by last name. 

Each metric or Export Type has one (and only one) active, downloadable file. Each time you initiate a new export of that metric, the old file is overwritten by the new one. The date/time of the last initiated export is shown for each so you know how current the data in the downloadable file is.

To download specific metric data to a CSV

  1. Access the Course you need from the Echo360 Home page to open the Class List.
    Alternately, if you enter from the LMS, the Echo360 link in the LMS course may place you directly into the Echo360 course class list.
  2. Click the Analytics page.
  3. Click Export & Gradebook from the tabs on the left.
    Analytics page for a section with Export & Gradebook tab shown and Export Selection box open with Start Export Job button identified
  4. Use the drop-down list to select which metric you want to download to a CSV file. Your options include:
    • Activity Participation (%)
    • Activity Participation (Raw #)
    • Activity Score (%)
    • Activity Score (Raw #)
    • Attendance
    • Engagement (weighted engagement)
    • Notes word count (NOTE: This is a total count of words - letters with a space - and is different than the Notes Entry count shown in the other analytics tabs/exports.)
    • Presentation Views
    • Questions
    • Video Views
    The new export job appears in a list below the Export selection options. When it is complete, it is listed with a Download link as shown in the below figure. You may need to refresh the page to see the Download link. Most exports will finish almost immediately. Large exports (i.e., many classes and/or many students) may take a little more time to complete.
  6. Click the Download link next to each export type to download the file.
    analytics export page with exported file list and download links shown as described
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