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Release Notes: 2017-09-17
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:34PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins


These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the newest releases of Echo360, listed by the date with the most recent changes listed first. For changes prior to those listed here, see previous release notes listed here, or contact 

Release 09.19.17

New Features

  • Capture Sources Card on the Admin Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard now contains a Capture Sources card. The card provides a running tally of the total number of captures in the system; clicking the card provides a detailed breakdown of captures based on the method in which they were generated (the source of each capture).
  • The Echo360 POD now supports USB Cameras for capture! The Echo360 POD has always had a USB port in Channel 2 (along with the HDMI port), but now that port can be occupied by a UVC (USB video class) camera for capturing video through Channel 2.


  • Admin Captures page shows Today’s captures by default – The captures page is now automatically filtered by Today’s date when entering the Captures page. This allows admins to use the capture status tabs at the top to easily review what’s going on with captures slated for (or completed) today. Clear the filter to return to the full list.
  • Classroom player for Mobile Browsers – Mobile Browsers now provide a viewing experience similar to that on a desktop/laptop. The Mobile browser has been updated so that the viewing area is expanded, and access to notes and discussions appear across the top, as they do in the desktop/laptop version of the classroom player.
  • Confirmation screens now appear for both the PRO and POD when stopping a capture via the front panel or touchscreen.
  • Notifications now appear on the PRO and POD for when the device.xml has been uploaded and the USB drive can be removed from the appliance.


  • Admins can now schedule two separate captures (different rooms/devices) for the same date/time to be published to the same Section. Separate classes are created to hold the published captures.
  • Resolved an issue with the PRO and POD appliances where the Admin menu was accessible for a few seconds after rebooting the device.
  • Resolved several stability problems (freezes or reboots) surrounding the POD.
  • The confirmation message for editing a video now appears immediately.
  • Two devices can no longer be assigned to the same room.
  • Resolved an issue where a deleted capture schedule would sometimes still occupy the device time-slot, causing scheduling conflicts when trying to configure a new capture to occur during the deleted schedule’s time-frame.
  • Capture uploads now begin immediately for uploads where there is a space in the path to the task directory.
  • Attendance for classes is now being logged properly. Attendance for dated classes is marked when a student enters the classroom during class time; attendance for non-dated classes is marked when a student responds to an activity slide or participates in classroom discussion (Q&A).
  • Resolved an issue where auto-provisioning users through their LMS was not occurring for some institutions.
  • LMS Instructors can now switch roles in the LMS and see their linked Echo sections as a student, then revert back to Instructor and view Echo as the section instructor.
  • Documentation updates to clarify that live streaming quality cannot be set; live stream quality is the same as capture quality.
  • Documentation updates to clarify which analytics metrics can be selected for LMS gradebook export.
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