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Release Notes: 2017-10-03
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:34PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins


These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the newest releases of Echo360, listed by the date with the most recent changes listed first. For changes prior to those listed here, see previous release notes listed here, or contact 

Release 10.03.17


  • Captcha challenge now only appears after a failed login - We have updated our reCaptcha settings so that users are only challenged if their first login fails. This retains the security against automated account hacking, but allows our human users to enter the system more seamlessly.


  • Resolved an issue where deleted capture schedules remained on the device, causing the deleted capture to occur anyway.
  • Resolved an issue where a transparent blue screen would cover the Windows PCAP and CCAP UI when using Icelandic Region/Language settings.
  • Resolved an issue where captures migrated to Echo360 from an ESS would be stuck in “Processing” state due to multiple statuses being returned at once.
  • Added media verification prior to upload for CCAP and appliances. This will prevent a file that is corrupted due to a disk problem from causing the upload to get stuck in an endless cycle.
  • Fixes and improvements to the Cards on the Admin Dashboard, including:
    • UI and performance improvements to the Student Activity card. 
    • UI improvements to the Capture Sources card details view.
    • Fixes to the Captures/Captures Today card so that it more accurately reflects capture data. This includes proper updates to the capture data when capture schedules are deleted.
  • Addressed an issue with POD appliances capturing 1080p60 inputs with 1080p output where the display would flicker and jump around. 
  • Addressed a problem where grainy cameras or random video (e.g., video snow) would cause file sizes to fill up the capture appliance drive causing lost captures.
  • Edited the warning message for instructors editing content from the class list, to remove confusion surrounding whether the user is the owner of the content. Warning message now simply states that edits made to the content are applied to all published versions of the item.
  • Resolved an issue where if the LMS instructor was also an Admin on the LMS, they may not see the appropriate section for linking through to Echo360 (permission-checking issue).
  • Addressed UI issues surrounding the filter drop-down lists in the Library page for instructors.
  • Creation of users via the API now properly returns an error if the user email already exists in the system.
  • Resolved an issue where some customers were not receiving closed captions from Cielo24 properly.
  • Addressed minor UI issues regarding the student list and confusion list that appears below the graph on the Analytics > Classes page for a section.
  • Resolved an issue where the device MAC address for a device removed from a room was still showing up in the CSV export (but not in the API get request).
  • Resolved an issue where content views were not being logged and shown in the Analytics UI properly. Issue was resolved on 9/20. Data recovery of any missing view analytics (between 9/6 and 9/20) is in process, and those will be returned to the system as soon as possible.
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