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Release Notes: 2017-10-17
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 01:50PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins


These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the newest releases of Echo360, listed by the date with the most recent changes listed first. For changes prior to those listed here, see previous release notes listed here, or contact 

Release 10.17.17

New Features

  • Audio Only Downloads from classes now available - Echo360 now provides the ability to limit content downloads from the class list to only Audio files. This means that students can get the mp3 (audio) feed of a video or capture but cannot download the video of the class. The Audio only restriction is configurable for the entire Institution, at the Organization or Department level, or at the Section level by Instructors. 
  • Embed Echo360 Video Button now available for Canvas LMS - Canvas Administrators can now configure their system to provide an Echo360 button on content windows. This button functions similarly to the YouTube button, allowing admins or instructors to easily embed an Echo360 video directly into the content window for users to view.


  • CSV Downloads of student analytics has a new look! Exporting Echo360 analytics to a CSV file now has a new, streamlined look. It also better accommodates exporting large sections (many classes and/or lots of students) to CSV.


  • Resolved the issue where CSV downloads of analytics for very large sections (many classes/students) would not complete because the process would time out before the file could be created (see Enhancement listed above).
  • Optimized camera selection parameters in CCAP to address input media sorting anomalies.
  • Addressed issues with the VU meter in CCAP (Note that these fixes were performed at the services level and do not require reinstallation or upgrade of the CCAP application):
    • Fixed an issue within the CCAP Desktop UI where the VU meter did not properly reflect the audio level on specific laptop models.  
    • The VU meter for CCAP captures is now responsive when monitoring via the Web UI and properly reflects audio levels.
  • Resolved an issue where the capture worker for CCAP and PCAP Windows could potentially fail to restart causing interrupted captures to not record properly.
  • High Quality captures made using CCAP or PCAP Windows now have improved quality when capturing high motion. 
  • Fixed an issue where Echo360 PODs configured to use WiFi only would report the wrong IP address in the Room Card (the link to log into the device).
  • Worked with the SMS provider for activity responses to identify and correct a latency issue in their system that was causing problems around student activity submissions via SMS.

Known Issue

  • PCAP for Mac is known to have issues with the capture preview for users who have upgraded to High Sierra (Mac OS 10.13). While the preview appears to jump around between frames, the completed capture is fine. We are currently working to address this, and to provide other improvements for PCAP for Mac.
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