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Adding the Echo360 Tool Link to Desire2Learn Courses
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:59PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

In order for students to access the Echo360 content for a course, an Activity link to the Echo360 external tool must be added to each course.

Who can do this? A Desire2Learn (D2L) Admin can do this for all courses, or an Instructor can do this for their own courses.

To add the Echo360 LTI link to a course

  1. Log into D2L as an administrator or instructor.
  2. Navigate to the course.
  3. Click the Content Browser heading to open the table of contents for the course. Alternately, click the link that reads Create some content to open the content builder.
  4. Select an existing module or create a new one if appropriate.
  5. Under Add Content on the left, click the Create Link icon.
  6. Select the content module where you want to Echo360 link to reside.
  7. In the QuickLinks dialog box, select External Learning Tool, then select the Echo360 Tool link already created for D2L.
    Insert quicklink dialog box for steps as described
  8. Review the information in the New Quicklinks dialog box, editing the Name if necessary so that students recognize this as the link to Echo360.
    New Quicklink dialog box for steps as described
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Content from the top left to view the Table of Contents page for the course.
  11. Click the chevron (small arrow) located to the right of the Echo360 Link you just created.
  12. Select Edit Properties from the chevron menu.
    table of contents with chevron menu for ALP link shown for steps as described
  13. Enable the Open in New Window checkbox for this content link.
    This allows Echo360 to open in a new tab or window, eliminating issues that Safari users may have when trying to view Live streamed classrooms, as well as providing additional space for viewing and navigating Echo360 content.

The Echo360 tool link shown for the module in the Content Browser can now be linked to an Echo360 section in order to seamlessly provide section content to users.

Completing the Desire2Learn/Brightspace Link into Echo360

Quick instructions for configuring the assignments link into Echo360.  If you need more detailed instructions, see Linking LMS Courses to Echo360 Sections (Class List) or Linking LMS Courses to Individual Classes/Classrooms

  1. Click the link to Echo360 you just created.
  2. Use the drop-down list(s) to select the Echo360 section you want to link to.
  3. Select Link to the Section Home to link students directly to the section class list.
    Select Link to a Classroom to link students directly into a Class in the section, then select which class.
    Select section and link to section home or to a specific class as target for Echo360 assignments link in Canvas.
  4. Click LINK CONTENT to complete the configuration.

Once you link through, you are automatically enrolled as an instructor in the target section.
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