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Recovering Captures From a Capture Appliance
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019 04:21PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The procedure on this page shows how to recover one or more capture recordings that were captured successfully but for whatever reason were not fully uploaded, or may have been inadequately processed by Echo360. In these cases, the captures exist on the device's drive but need to be reuploaded and reprocessed for viewing.

These steps are performed through the legacy device Web UI. This interface uses the device IP address for access and is most easily accessed through the Admin Rooms page in Echo360 (if you don't happen to have the device's IP address handy). This can be done on an SCHD or PRO or POD capture appliance.

To log into and recover captures from a capture appliance

You may be presented with security warnings when accessing the device. You can ignore these warnings.

  1. To open the web UI for the device, you have the following options:
    • Select ROOMS from the main menu, find the room with the device and click the Log in icon located in the bottom left corner of the Room tile.
    • Enter the  <IP address>/advanced into the browser's URL field.
  2. Enter the generic admin login configured for the device.
  3. Select the Diagnostics tab of the Device web interface.
    Device web interface with diagnostic tab showing and recover button identified for steps as described
  4. Click the Recover button.
    The Reupload Content list opens in a new tab.
  5. In the Reupload Content list, find the capture(s) you want to re-upload to Echo360.
  6. Use the checkboxes to select one or more captures, or use the Select All button to re-upload all captures from the device to Echo360. 
    Reupload content list of device web interface for steps as described
  7. Click Reupload.
    A confirmation message appears indicating that the submission has succeeded. If you get a different message, check the network connectivity of the device.

You can open the Captures page in Echo360 to view the status of the reuploaded capture(s). Once reprocessed, the captures are available for sharing with instructors or publishing to sections as necessary.

TIME STAMP MAY DIFFER BETWEEN DEVICE UI AND Echo360: When an ad hoc capture is reuploaded and reprocessed, the time/date stamp shown in the Device web UI for the capture is in UTC; this may be different than the date/time the capture was created locally. The LOCAL time (time that the capture was created) is applied to the reuploaded/reprocessed capture.
For example, a capture stamped as June 10, 2014 4:30pm UTC in the Device UI (see above figure) is reprocessed, and the date/time shown in the Captures page on Echo360 is June 10, 2014 12:30pm EDT. This is because the capture was created at 1230pm local time. The date will not change unless the difference between UTC and the local time crosses the pm/am date line.
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