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Adding Users
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2018 02:55PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Adding users involves providing a name and email address for a user, and then (optionally) assigning one or more roles to them. The user is then sent an invitation to the email address provided.

If you are creating a user account for an instructor or a student, you are also given the option to associate that user with one or more existing sections.

If you are adding an Administrator AND your institution has Delegated Administration enabled, you MUST assign the user to one or more organizations or departments in order for them to manage hierarchical objects in the system. With delegation turned on, new admin users have no access until explicitly assigned. See Using Delegated Administration for additional information.
If you are adding a or Scheduler role user, you must assign that user explicit access to one or more departments and/or organizations in the system. Scheduler role delegation of access is separate from administrative delegation.

To add users individually

  1. Select USERS from the main menu.
  2. At the upper-right of the page, click ADD USER.
  3. Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email address for the user (required).
    Add user details dialog box as described
  4. If necessary, enter the unique user id to be used by the Single Sign-on authentication system (if it does not use email to uniquely identify each user).
  5. Use the sliders to assign one or more roles to the user.
  6. If the user is an administrator AND delegated administration is enabled for your institution, you must assign the user access rights to one or more departments or organizations in the hierarchy, or to the Institution-level for full access. By default these users have no access rights until explicitly assigned.
  7. If the user is a scheduler, you must be sure to assign the user to one or more departments or organizations, to allow the user to manage the courses, sections, and schedules for those depts/orgs.
  8. If the user is an instructor or student, the box expands to allow you to add sections to associate with the user. The sections must have already been created. Click ADD SECTION.
  9. Use the drop-down lists to identify the term, course, section, and role the user has for the section.
  10. Click ADD SECTION again to identify another section to enroll the user into.
  11. When finished, click NEXT.
  12. Review the user information on the screen. If correct, click INVITE.

The user will receive an email invitation to Echo360 (if email notifications are enabled). The message will include a link that will allow them to complete system registration including adding or editing their user profile information.
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