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Providing Feedback
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017 10:37PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

...your input and suggestions are very important to us...please remain on the line...

WHAT??! No Way! Echo360 isn't going to make you wait! We're not even going to make you create a new email. How's that for convenient?

If you have something to say to us...a suggestion for an improvement, or maybe a compliment on something we've gotten just right, all you have to do is open the Feedback page and let us know!

If you provided feedback in our previous integration with UserVoice, don't worry; we migrated the existing feedback entries into the new Canny integration. Don't believe us? Search for yourself!

To send us Feedback

  1. Click the Settings icon (it's that thing in the top right corner that looks like a gear or cog).
    Settings menu with Feedback option identified
  2. Select Feedback from the Settings menu.
    A dialog box appears, showing existing posts and a side panel that allows you to enter your suggestion and comments.
    Feedback dialog box with fields and previous suggestions as described
  3. Enter a title of your feedback in the first text box.
  4. As you type, the right side of the screen changes as the system searches for similar posts that may already exist.

    Check existing entries - If you see an idea or comment similar to yours that has already been posted by someone else, we suggest that instead of submitting a new one, you Endorse the existing post, or Comment on it to provide your addition or clarification. This helps us recognize which issues our users feel most strongly about.

  5. Provide a description of your feedback or idea. Please be as descriptive as you can.
  6. You can provide an attachment if that helps describe your request.
    Submit feature request panel for Canny with fields for steps as described
  7. Click SUBMIT.
  8. If you are not already signed in, a popup appears asking you to either sign up for Canny or to log in using your existing Canny login.
    Sign up for Canny pop up box as described
  9. If you have an account already, click Log in at the bottom of the box, then select the type of login you have.
    Log Into Canny with options as described.
  10. Enter the login information requested.

All feedback entries are reviewed (for commentary or language that might be deemed offensive) and then posted for anyone to search for, then vote for or comment on.

Endorsing and commenting on existing suggestions

As you enter your title, the system automatically searches existing feedback for text that matches what you have typed. This allows you to see if there is an existing post that you can vote for or comment on, instead of creating a new post.

If you find an existing suggestion that closely mirrors the one you have, click on it and add your comments or endorsement to it.

existing canny request with comment field and endorsement button identified as described

The up-arrow and number located to the left of the title indicates the number of other users who have endorsed this suggestion. Clicking on that button allows YOU to add your endorsement to this entry.

Yes you have to sign in with your Canny account first and you will be prompted to do so if you are not already signed in.

You can leave a comment on the original suggestion, or you can click on Reply for an existing comment to add to that thread of the discussion.

Regardless of how or where you provide your feedback, we want to hear it. We are monitoring all entries and encourage you to use the Canny tool.

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