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Account Settings
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2017 04:41PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Account settings are accessed by selecting Account Settings from the Settings icon (it looks like a gear) located on the top right of the Echo360 UI. This is shown in the below figure.

The Account Settings page contains a variety of fields which include:

  • The First and Last Name. This is the name shown in the top bar of Echo360, as well as throughout the site for other users to identify you. These fields are editable.
  • Email address. Your email address also functions as your username and is unique to each user. This may or may not be editable, depending on your institution's settings.

    If you use an LMS to access Echo360, or log in through an institution portal, you should never change your email addresses separately in Echo360 unless specifically instructed to do so by a system administrator. If changes are made in the LMS or in the institution's records, those changes should be reflected automatically in Echo360.

  • Password. You can either create or change your password from this page. See Creating or Changing Your Echo360 Password for additional information.

    Password Requirements: Echo360 requires passwords of a certain strength in order to secure our system. Here are some tips for generating a usable password:
    Avoid single dictionary words (and no, ch@racter substitutions don't h3lp - too easy to guess)
    DO use multiple words, foreign words, or an uncommon phrase - include letters/numbers/characters to improve strength
    Avoid alphanumeric or keyboard sequences such as abcd, 1234, qwerty, 09876
    Avoid your name or any location or dates associated with you (including recent/future years)

  • Phone Number. The phone number entered here is only used to recognize you when responding to in-class activity slides via SMS. If you want to respond to activities via text message, be sure to enter your mobile phone number here. Message and data rates will apply. See Responding via SMS for additional information.
  • Time Zone. Select the time zone you live in. By default this is the time zone for the Institution you are enrolled in.
  • Preferred Language. Use this drop-down list to select the preferred language to use for the Echo360 UI. The language selected here overrides your browser setting. See Supported Languages for additional information.
  • Picture. You can upload a picture or avatar for your account profile. This picture appears across the site to identify you along with your name.

If you make changes, scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.

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