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Classroom Capture - Getting Started for Admins
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2017 09:57AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Classroom Capture (CCAP) is a Windows-only application that allows you to use the PC located in a classroom as a capture device.

Because the capture controls are installed on the PC, Academic Staff can easily use the CCAP interface to set up ad hoc captures for impromptu lectures, or manipulate scheduled recordings if they need to.


  1. Review the Classroom Capture Specifications.
  2. Download and Install Classroom Capture software.
  3. Attach and configure the input devices (cameras and microphones).
  4. Assign the device to a room.
  5. Configure device defaults (input sources and generic device logins).

Once setup is finished and the CCAP device is assigned to a room, you can schedule captures for the room.

**Podium PC Must Be On and a User Must Be Logged In**
In order for Classroom Capture to record a scheduled lecture:
 -- The podium PC must be on.
 -- A user must be logged in.
This allows scheduled captures to begin at the predetermined time. Furthermore, if the user logs out during the capture, the capture will stop at that point.
Best Practice: Have the classroom PC continuously logged in to a shared account.
Alternate Practice: Have Instructors log in to the PC as soon as they enter the classroom and before the capture is scheduled to begin. This allows the PC to complete the login process and begin recording the lecture. Be sure Instructors log out before the scheduled start of the next capture, particularly where back-to-back captures are scheduled.
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