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Navigating the Echo360 Mobile App
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018 11:56AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

After downloading the app, the first thing you'll be asked to do is log in. Enter your Email address. If your institution uses single-sign-on for authentication, you will be prompted for your institution username/password. If you typically log directly into Echo360, you will be prompted for your Echo360 login (email address and password).

If you are enrolled in multiple institutions, you will be asked to select an institution to log into.

If you want to use the app with a different institution, you must log out then log back in again, selecting a different institution.

If you are assigned multiple roles in the institution you logged into, you can select which role you want to log in as.

mobile app role selection dialog box as described

LMS Users must establish a direct Echo360 login: If you are an LMS user (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, D2L, or Sakai), you must establish a direct Echo360 login in order to use the app. The LMS passes you through as a user but Echo does not log your password (it leaves authentication to the LMS). 

Viewing classroom media

After logging in, the current or most recent term's courses are listed on the screen.

list of sections for the term shown at the top

Tap a course to view a list of classes.

list of classes in the app as described

Tap the class whose content you want to view. See Viewing content through the Echo360 App for information on navigating the classroom player.

Once the video is playing in the app, you can turn off your mobile device display and continue listening to the audio feed of the class video.

mobile app showing classroom video as described

If the class has a capture with multiple videos, tap the swap icon located to the right of the playback bar to view the other video.

If the class has a presentation, you can tap the slide deck icon in the top right corner to view the slides instead.

To show closed captions, change playback quality (to accommodate lower bandwidth) or to change the speed of playback, tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the playback window.

To mark a video or slide location as confusing, tap the flag icon at the top of the screen.

To post a question, or to see the questions and responses already posted in the class, tap the discussions icon located to the right of the confusion flag. See Posting Questions for a Class in the Mobile App for more information.

To exit the video player, tap the arrow in the top left corner (you may need to tap on the video to show the controls first). You are returned to the class list, where you can select to view another class.

Once again, see Viewing content through the Echo360 App for details on the controls available. See Viewing and Interacting with Presentations in a Class for information on what you can do with presentations and activity slides.

Showing different courses (select a different term)

The main menu for the app allows you to select a different term whose courses to view.

The main menu is opened by clicking the menu button located in the top left corner of the app.

iOS app with menu button identified as described

The menu appears in a flyout, containing a list of available terms, as well as commands for uploading a video and logging out.

iOS Main menu for mobile app with options as described

Select a term to view the sections for that term. Tap on a section to view the classes (that contain media) for the section. Tap a class to view the media published to the class.

Uploading a video

The Upload video command is located in the main menu for the app. The main menu is opened by clicking the menu button located in the top left corner of the app, as shown above.

Select Upload Video from the menu, and follow the prompts. You can upload a video that already exists on the device, or you can select the camera icon to take a video to upload.

All videos are uploaded to your Library. From there you can publish it to classes and/or edit it as needed through the Echo360 web-browser interface. See Uploading Videos through the Echo360 App.
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