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Using the Echo360 Mobile App
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2017 12:30PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

After logging into the Echo360 Mobile App, the first thing you see is a list of courses in the current term.

Click on a course to see a list of classes for the course.

Click on a class from the list to view the classroom content. Select whether to view slides or the video (if the class contains both)

If there is a second video, you will see a "swap" icon in the bottom right corner. If there is a presentation or video in the class, you will see a "slide deck" or "video" icon in the top right corner. Tap these to change the displayed media as needed.

Once the video is playing in the app, you can turn off your mobile device display and continue listening to the audio feed of the class video.

See Navigating the Echo360 Mobile App and Viewing Content through the Echo360 App for the basics.

See Viewing and Interacting with Presentations in a Class and Uploading Videos through the Echo360 App for more information on those tasks.

If you are an LMS user (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, etc.), you must establish a direct Echo360 login in order to use the app. The LMS passes you through as a user but Echo does not log your password (it leaves authentication to the LMS). Your LMS and Echo360 email address are (and must be) the same.

To create a direct Echo360 password:

  1. Enter Echo360 as you normally do, via a link to the Echo360 through the LMS.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen (it looks like a gear).
  3. Select Account Settings.
    Be sure to make note of your email address if necessary; this is the email address you will enter into the app when logging in.

The password you create can be the same as or different from your LMS password, as long as it contains 8 characters and meets the other Echo360 password criteria. Your Echo360 password is used to access Echo360 directly, to use the Mobile App, Personal Capture, or the PowerPoint Ribbon add-on. Otherwise you will continue to access Echo360 the way you normally do, through your LMS.

The apps are designed primarily for mobile viewing of class material, and to allow for mobile videos to be uploaded. It is not designed to replace the capabilities of the full Echo360 site. The mobile apps do not provide any functionality for administrators.

For complete Echo360 platform functionality, log in using your browser.
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