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Adding Echo360 Link to a Canvas Course
Last Updated: Dec 26, 2017 11:04AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

In order for students to access Echo360 content for a course, an Assignments link to the Echo360 App must be added to each course.

Who can do this? A Canvas Admin can do this for all courses, or an Instructor or non-managing Teacher can do this for their own courses.

Canvas Grades will only show student participation that comes through the Assignments page Different LMS' handle display of student grading differently, but most can track where student visits and participation came from. Canvas is particularly selective about this, and will ONLY provide grades for student access that comes through the Assignments page. Echo360 retains and displays all student access information, but Canvas sometimes parses out any exported data that it does not recognize as Assignment page access.

Because Canvas requires access through Assignments to populate Grades, we strongly recommend disabling the Echo360 tool link from the left-navigation for each course, and providing it only through the Assignments page. The full procedures for this are below.

To add an Assignment link to Echo360 in the Canvas Course (and remove the Echo360 link from the left navigation)

NOTE: If you plan to link to individual classes in Echo360, you must create an assignment link for each class you want to link directly to. Otherwise create a single assignments link to the Echo Section home.

  1. Log in to Canvas as an instructor OR an administrator.
  2. Open the Course page in Canvas.
  3. Click Settings (bottom of the left navigation) to open the Course Settings page.
  4. Click the Navigation tab.
  5. In the list of navigation options, find the Echo link, click the Settings icon and select Disable.
    Canvas course navigation settings with tool link disable option identified as described
  6. Return to the Course Home page (click Home at the top left).
  7. Click Assignments on the left. It may be gray if no assignments have been created yet.
  8. Click + Assignment to add an assignment.
    Assignments page for canvas course showing add assignments button as described
  9. Enter a Name that clearly identifies this Assignment as the Echo360 section content.
  10. Enter a Description that clearly describes the purpose of this link.
  11. For Points and Display Grade as, you can enter anything you like as Echo360 sends the same data regardless. However since most of the metrics are sent as percentages, we recommend using 100 and Percentage for these fields respectively.
  12. For Assignment Group, retain the default selection of Assignments.
    Assignment configuration options for steps as described
  13. Under Submission Type, select External Tool from the drop-down list.
  14. When you click in the External Tool URL field, a list box pops up, listing the available External Tools to select.
    External tool list for linking to Canvas assignment as described
  15. Click the Echo360 tool then click Select.
  16. Enable the Load This Tool In A New Tab checkbox.
    This is strongly recommended due to issues with Safari opening Echo360 content within frames; in addition, the new tab/window provides significantly more space for displaying and navigating through Echo360 classroom media and section functionality.
  17. When finished, click Save or Save & Publish as appropriate.

The Echo360 link now appears in the Assignments page. Students may also receive a notification of a new assignment. This is the link that students MUST use to access Echo360, if you want to export their participation information from Echo360 to the course Grades page.

Canvas assignments page for course with ALP link as described

At this point the Instructor must link the Canvas Course to the Echo360 section, so that all users will see the Class list for the section in Echo360 when they access this link.
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