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Install/Configure the Basic LTI Building Block for Blackboard
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 03:03PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Some Blackboard administrators prefer using the Basic LTI building block for LTI connectivity, over the LTI external tool and placement method. Both work for integrating Echo360 via LTI.

Prior to installation, your Blackboard Administrator must download the Basic LTI building block available from the following URL:

The building block is downloaded as a .war file which must be extracted, then uploaded to Blackboard (Admin Panel > Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Upload Building Blocks).

NOTE: The specific selections identified below may differ, depending on the version of Blackboard you are using, however the basic steps remain the same. Plan to work with or contact your Blackboard Administrator for additional assistance as needed.

To install and configure the Basic LTI building block for use with Echo360

  1. Log in to Learn as a system administrator.
  2. Click the System Admin tab.
  3. From the Tools and Utilities module, select Basic LTI Tools.
  4. Select Register New Tool.
    Blackboard Basic LTI Tools list before Echo360 tool created for steps as described
  5. In the registration page, provide a Name for the tool that identifies it as the Echo360 LTI tool.
  6. From the LMS configuration for this Blackboard instance in Echo360, copy and paste the following:
    • Host URL > Launch URL
    • Consumer Key > Key
    • Shared Secret > Secret
  7. Set the signature method to HMAC_SHA256.
  8. Skip Message Types.
  9. Under Registered LTI Services, enable the checkbox for Outcomes.
    Registered LTI Services with Outcomes checked as described
  10. Click Submit
    The Basic LTI tools list appears, now including the Echo360 tool you just configured, as shown in the below figure.
    Basic LTI tools list with Echo360 tool listed for next steps as described
  11. Hover over the Echo360 tool to display the chevron to the right of the name.
  12. Click the chevron and select Edit Data Settings.
  13. Use the checkboxes to allow/enable the following:
    • Context ID
    • Value to use for context ID - Typically this is the Batch UID
    • Context SourcedId
    • Context Title
    Context data section of Data Settings for building block with selections as described
  14. In the Personal Data section, set/enable the fields as follows:
    • User ID - Required by tool
    • Value to use for user ID - Typically this is set to Username
    • SourcedId - Enable the checkbox
    • Username - Required by tool
    • Email - Required by tool
    • User Roles - Enable the checkbox
    Personal data section of building block data settings with selections set per steps as described
  15. Under the Course Role Mappings section, set the following roles as indicated:
    • Set Student to Learner.
    • Set Instructor to Instructor.
    • Set other roles as per institution policy.
    Course role mappings section of building block data settings with selections reflecting steps as described
  16. Enable the checkbox to Send the administrator role.
  17. When finished, click Submit.
    You are returned to the Basic LTI tools list shown above.
  18. Click the chevron next to the Echo360 tool name and select Edit Launch Settings.
  19. Set the Open tool option to New window.
  20. When finished, click Submit.

Once the tool is configured, you can confirm it is set as a System tool, then enable it for selection in the content menu and as a course tool. This makes it available for selection in your LMS courses.

To enable the Echo360 building block tool for use in LMS courses

  1. The System Admin tab, under the Tools and Utilities module, select Tools.
    Blackboard System Admin tab with Tools option identified for steps as described
  2. Scroll down to the Basic LTI Building Blocks section of the page and ensure that the System Tool option is turned ON as shown in the below figure.
    Basic LTI tools section with System tool option identified as described
  3. Return to the Administrator panel and select Basic LTI tools from the Tools and  Utilities module.
  4. Find the Echo360 tool you configured above, and select the Content menu drop-down list.
    Content menu list for configured Echo360 building block tool for steps as described
  5. Select which course Content menu the Echo360 building block should appear in.
    • Select Assessments to allow instructors to send student grades from Echo360 to the Blackboard Gradebook. The Assessment link can be configured to "Allow Evaluation", creating a column in the gradebook to hold Echo360 exported grades.
    • Optionally you may select Tools.
  6. Click the Course tool drop-down list and select Add as course tool.
    Echo360 tool with Add as course tool menu open with add tool to courses option shown as described

The new Echo360 LTI building block tool should now appear for selection in your LMS courses. It can be added to any course by either an instructor or an administrator as per your institution's policies.
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