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Capturing and Streaming Video in 1080p
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018 12:34PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Echo360 can now deliver video media (captures or uploaded media) in 1080p. Previously, the camera could capture 1080p video and the capture device would deliver it to the system at 1080, but our Media Processor would scale down the definition to 720p. Still providing high-definition content, but not as detailed or as bandwidth-intensive as 1080p.

Our Media Processor has been updated, and can now deliver 1080p video media to students. Review the information below so that you understand the few limitations of using 1080p for your video content.

On-Demand Playback: Students viewing videos in 1080p will increase the network usage and file download size attributed to your institution. For base calculations, the estimated file sizes for 1080p captures are included in On-Demand Playback Data Rate and Usage.

Live Streaming: Live Streamed captures can be captured and streamed in HD and is ideal for overflow situations, where additional viewers are grouped in a room viewing the live stream of the event. Keep in mind that the bitrates for Live Streaming in 1080p are approximately 2x that of 720p. See Live Streaming Data Rate and Usage.

Dual Video Captures: If BOTH video streams are captured in 1080p and subsequently viewed in 1080p, the viewer's playback experience will depend on the quality of the network they are using, to include latency and bandwidth available. Most broadband connections should be sufficient, but users working with a slower network may wish to view the playback in lower resolution.

The Echo360 POD supports single channel 1080p: The Echo360 POD cannot support 1080 on both input channels. It does, however, support the use of 1080p on one channel, and this can be selected independently for each input. If 1080p is selected for one of the input channels, the other channel (if used) will generate 720p for the captured content.

The SCHD will capture and deliver 1080p videos but at 15 FPS (frames per second) instead of 30. This is the same as the current SCHD capability with the ESS and is the framerate best served by the SCHD. The Echo360 PRO delivers 1080p video capture at 30 FPS.

NOTE that SCHD devices set to capture at 1080p (Highest) quality setting while seeing heavy source input switching can experience an issue with rolling video inputs during captures. This can also occur on SCHDs when the Highest quality setting is selected but the input source is delivering a resolution less than 1080p. It is recommended that you test this capture mode in rooms where either scenario may occur. If you would like to have the Highest quality setting disabled on your Institution for SCHD devices to avoid this risk, please contact Echo360 support.

Personal Capture and Classroom Capture support display captures at 1080p but not webcam inputs. If the display being used is configured for 1080p or higher, the capture of the display input will be processed for 1080p. However, because of the variability of webcams and the computers on which these applications are installed, video inputs for PCAP and CCAP are still currently capped at 720p.

Video uploads, either through a browser or through the Mobile Apps, do support 1080p. If the video being uploaded is 1080p or higher, it is processed for 1080p. In addition, any video uploaded will retain its original dimensions up to 1080p. Meaning if a 1440x900 video is uploaded, it retains the 1440x900 dimensions and is not scaled down to 720p or blown up to 1080p. If someone uploads a 4K video, Echo360 will produce a 1080p video with the original aspect ratio. Furthermore, we maintain the framerate of the original video, up to 30 FPS.
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