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Device Monitor/Capture Control Light Overview - Instructors
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2019 09:26AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

You may find that your Administrator has equipped your classroom with a small light, attached to the classroom PC. Some refer to this as a Device Monitor, some refer to it as a Capture Monitor, some refer to it as a "puck light".

Whatever you call it, this light has two functions:

  • The light color/flash pattern indicates the status of a capture currently occurring.
  • If configured to do so, the Delcom light acts as a capture control button; pressing it can start, stop, pause, or resume a capture.

As the instructor, you may be able to use the Delcom light to start a capture, stop a capture, and/or pause and resume a capture as needed.

If the light is being used to control a Pod or Pro appliance, see Using the Delcom with a Pro or Pod appliance for information on the available functionality for the light.

There are two ways in which your Administrator may have configured the Device Monitor. Either using the standard, Echo360 Device Monitor software or using the service-level Echo360 Device Service.

Echo360 Device Monitor Software

VERY IMPORTANT!! The PC must be on and a user must be logged in for the Device Monitor to work.

Your administrator will likely have configured the Device Monitor software as needed, requiring you simply to log into the PC, and possibly enter your username and password into the ad hoc configuration (one time) to allow for initiating ad hoc captures using the light.

The Device Monitor can be controlled through the Windows System Tray icon, which looks like the Echo360 logo. Click this icon to open the Device Monitor menu options, as shown in the below figure.

Device Monitor system tray menu as described

Echo360 Device Service

The Echo360 Device Service is a service-level version of the Device Monitor software that does not require a user to be logged into the podium PC. Your administrator will likely have configured the Device Service as needed, to make any adjustments to the capture status lights or controls. See Using the Device Monitor as a Service for more information on the available functionality for the light.
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