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Understanding Device Status
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018 01:21PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Since devices are associated with rooms as a 1:1 relationship, click ROOMS from the main menu to open the Room Management page and view capture devices and their statuses.

By default, the Room Management page initially appears in "tiled" view. This allows for a quick-glance status assessment of the rooms listed. Use the filter drop-down lists across the top of the page to identify which rooms/devices to show specifically.

See Viewing Device and Room Status for information on viewing rooms/devices in "list" view.

Room management page with room tiles showing device statuses as described

The room tiles on the page provide appliance status information as follows:

  • Preview Tiles - Indicates that the appliance is actively capturing at the moment.
  • CAPTURE WAITING TO START - Indicates that a scheduled capture is within 5 minutes of starting and the appliance is in a "preroll" state, preparing for capture.
  • DEVICE IDLE - A tile showing a green icon and DEVICE IDLE text indicates that the appliance is ready, is communicating with Echo360, and is available to capture.
  • DEVICE OFFLINE - This status can appear in either yellow or red, and indicates that the appliance is not communicating with Echo360 for some reason. It may be as simple as the device has been powered down for the night and has not restarted yet, or the network cable has been unplugged.
    • yellow tile indicates there are upcoming captures that will not occur until the issue has been resolved.
    • red tile indicates that captures are being missed because of the offline status.
    • If the appliance is supposed to be online, check that it is powered on and connected to the network. Then try power cycling it to return it into an online state.
  • DEVICE OUT OF SYNC - Indicates that the timestamp between the appliance and the Echo360 server is out of sync.
    • You may need to power cycle the appliance to re-establish synchronization between the device and the time server.
  • NOT CONNECTED - Indicates that either the recording device has been disconnected from the capture appliance, OR an input was selected for the capture that does not correspond to the recording device inputs actually plugged into the appliance. This message will only appear for the channel to which the "non-input" applies (i.e., one of the two selected inputs if there are two). You may want to check the individual appliance or room configuration. MAKE SURE that the only input sliders enabled for the room are those that are actually connected to the recording devices. For example, do not have the DVI slider enabled for a channel if only the Composite input is being used.
    Rooms tile showing one of the recording input devices has been disconnected

If you see a Gray Echo icon, as shown in the below figure, it simply means a thumbnail of the capture cannot be shown at the moment. It does not necessarily indicate a problem with the capture or input.

Rooms tile with gray echo icon showing for one input channel as described

These are not the only statuses shown but they are the ones you are likely to see most often. Generally speaking, the color coding indicates that:

  • Green Tile: Device is connected and happy and ready to serve.
  • Yellow Tile: There may be a problem with the device. Upcoming captures will be affected if not resolved.
  • Red Tile: There is an immediate problem with the device and captures are being affected or missed.
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