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Getting Schedulers Started
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018 07:44AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

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The following is a list of tasks available for a Scheduler in the Echo360 active learning platform:

  1. Create termscourses, and sections for the classes being offered.
  2. Schedule sections for capture, so that classroom lectures can be recorded.
  3. Manage the termscourses, and sections available to you in the system.
  4. Manage the section capture schedules.
  5. Alternately to using the interface to create courses and schedules, you can also use the Import Courses link to create courses and schedules via CSV import.

Schedulers essentially function as course/section administrators in the Echo360 system. They have the same rights as a full Echo360 administrator, but only to the Terms, Courses, Sections, and Section Schedules in the system.

This means that you may see full Admin-level images in the online help, but your view is limited to the Courses page, from which you can perform all the necessary functions of your role.

Schedulers are given explicit access to different organizations and/or departments in the system. You may only have access to some sub-set of courses and sections in the system, appropriate for the department or organization to which you are assigned. Or you may have institution-level access, meaning you can see all of the courses, sections, and section schedules in the system.

Some other questions or issued faced by schedulers include the following:

Click on your name (or your Avatar) at the top of your Echo360 window. There you will see a Change link, which opens a dialog box that allows you to select a different Role.

Selecting Scheduler changes your interface to show the Courses page and access to the above tasks. See Logging in Under Different Institution or Role for additional information if necessary.

The search box and drop-down list filters at the top of the page search for both courses and sections. The results list may only show the courses even if your search returned section results. Click the course name to expand it and see the sections available for that course.

If you still cannot find the course/section you need to manage, ask your administrator to make sure the course or section you have been asked to work with resides within the department or organization to which you have been given access.

Ask your administrator to make sure you have been given explicit rights to one or more departments or organizations. Until you have been given access rights as a scheduler, you will not see any courses listed on the Courses page.

Did you select an Organization and/or Department for the course? If you neglect to put the new course into an organization or department to which you have been given rights, the course is still created, but you won't be able to see it. Ask your Echo360 administrator for assistance.
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