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Captures Page for Admins
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019 10:49AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

As an administrator, you have a large degree of control over all of the captures in your system. All capture-related tasks, including reviewing capture playback, are performed through the CAPTURES page. These include:

The initial view of the Captures page shows ONLY those captures for Today, for each of the statuses shown across the top of the page. Click Clear for the Date filter to show ALL captures. The Complete captures tab is shown by default.

Admin captures page on first entry with Today's captures showing by default

Navigating the captures page

The page can be filtered by status, using the status bar across the top of the captures list. The status bar also shows the number of captures in that particular state.

Using the panel on the left, the page can be filtered by date, source, instructor, or other criteria as needed. Click the category to expand it and select the criteria you need. Remember that the Captures page is filtered to show only Today's captures by default. Click Clear, as shown in the above figure, to remove this filter.

Enter text into the Search box to search for captures by name, capture room or building, section, or data tag.

The list can be sorted by clicking a column header. The current sort column appears with a small triangle to the right of the column name. If the triangle is pointing down, the sort is Descending; pointing up indicates Ascending. By default, the list is sorted by the time the capture was generated, with newest captures shown first.

Captures page with filters and search box identified as described

Capture Thumbnails

To the right of any given capture entry, you should see a thumbnail graphic.  For completed captures, this is typically a still frame from the capture itself.

The figure above shows these thumbnails for a Video capture. The figure below contains a thumbnail still frame from a desktop Display capture.

For Audio-Only captures, the thumbnail shows a speaker icon to indicate it is only sound and has no visual component. One of these is shown in the below figure.

If there was a problem with the Primary visual input, you may see a blue triangle with an exclamation point on a black background. This indicates that the input selected was either not connected during the recording, or that the input selected for the capture does not correspond with the inputs actually configured for the appliance. In either case, the recording device or display unit did not send any signal for that channel. 

Completed captures page with different thumbnails as described for captures outlined

If you see an Echo360 play icon, this simply means that the thumbnail cannot be displayed at this time. This is the case for captures in any state except Completed. If shown for a completed capture, it typically does not indicate a problem with the capture, only with displaying a thumbnail. Click to view the capture if you want to check for certain.

View Capture Playback and Details

You can select a capture from the list and view it in the Media Details page (also called the Capture Details page). The media details page includes a playback panel at the top, and media information, analytics, sharing/publishing options, and media control features at the bottom. See The Media Details Page (Admins) for more information.

Minimally as an Admin you will want to be able to ensure that capture playback is working properly.

To review a capture

  1. From the Captures page, find and click on the capture you want to view.
    The media details page opens, as shown in the below figure, including playback controls and other options.
    Admin's media details page with playback and other tools as described
  2. Click play to play the capture, using the volume controlspeed control, and playback bar to control those aspects of the capture playback.
  3. Use the tool links below the playback panel to perform other functions on the capture, such as editing, making a copy, download, and delete.
  4. Use the Info, Analytics, Details, and Activity tabs in the middle of the page, shown below, for sharing, publishing, adding captions or transcriptions, and viewing capture and processing information.
    Middle section of Media Details page with tabs and options as described
  5. Use the Share Settings area below the playback panel for seeing where this media is currently published, or for adding it to a course/section/class. You can also share it with another Echo360 user, to a content Group, or generate a public URL to the media as needed, On the right, use the media links available for processed and source files (if still available) to download the file(s) if necessary.
    Admin's media details page bottom section with share options and media links as described
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