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How Gradebook Exported Analytic Data is Calculated
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2019 10:11AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Below are the definitions for each of the four metrics available for Gradebook export. These details are provided so that you can understand what you're seeing in the LMS and correlate that with what you see in Echo360.

The calculation for Gradebook Exports is very simple; it adds up the selected metric value for all of the exported classes, then divides that value across the number of classes selected. This means that YOU must know which classes to select. Do not select future classes unless there is reason for a student to have engaged in a future class; for exporting activity participation/correct percentages, ONLY select classes that have polling questions in them, etc.

If you are not seeing exported Echo360 analytics in your LMS gradebook, be sure that:

  • The link from the LMS into Echo360 is located in a "gradable" location. What constitutes a "gradable" location differs depending on the LMS you are using.
  • That students have accessed Echo360 through that link location at least once. Echo360 retains all participation data for students, regardless of how they got there, but some LMS require students establish entry from the gradable location in the LMS into Echo360 before it will accept a grade export.
  • Be sure to select the correct Link Name for export if you have more than one. Canvas, for example, often retains the Echo360 LTI link in the left navigation. This link will appear in the gradebook export link list, in addition to any Assignments links you (or your admin) may configure for Student use. The left navigation link does not correspond to a gradebook column and therefore cannot direct exported grades.

You are encouraged to also review Definitions of Analytics Data Metrics to better understand the metrics used to calculate Weighted Engagement. You may also want to customize the weighting given to the metrics used to calculate weighted engagement

Engagement percentage (%)

Engagement for gradebook exports is the same as the Weighted Engagement shown in the Students tab of the Analytics page. It is exported as a percentage. 

  • If you select to send the Engagement metric for ONE class, you get the same Weighted Engagement score you would see for each student for an individual class in the Echo360 UI (Analytics > Students > select a class from the drop-down list).
  • If you select to send Engagement for MULTIPLE classes, Echo360 takes each of the individual class percentages for the selected classes, adds them together then divides by the number of selected classes.

This means that if you select All classes for exporting Engagement, and not all of the classes have occurred yet, you will end up with an entirely different number than you see in the Students tab. The Students tab Weighted Engagement takes into account only classes that have already occurred. The LMS Gradebook export relies on you to know which classes to select.

Analytics for LIVE classes -  If a student views a Live streamed class, they will likely have Attendance at 100% for that class (as they have to be in the classroom to view the stream) but will NOT have a video view unless they return and watch the processed video again later. Video views apply to video on demand; live streams do not have tracked "views." Notes are tracked, as well as questions and responses, slide views, and polling question responses. 

Activity participation/score percentages (%)

Activity participation/score is the same as that shown in the Students tab of the Analytics page for any given class. It is exported as a percentage. 65% is shown as 65.00 in the Echo360 column.

  • If you select to send either of these metrics for ONE class,you get the same Polling Participation % or Polling Correct % you see for each student for an individual class in the Echo360 UI (Analytics > Students > select a class from the drop-down list).
  • If you select to send either of these metrics for MULTIPLE classes, Echo360 takes the percentages for each of the individual selected classes, adds them together then divides by the number of classes selected. It does NOT take into account whether a selected class had activities or not.

For exporting these metrics, it is very important that instructors only select classes that HAVE activities. Otherwise the exported figure is skewed by 0% sent for any class that does not have activities.


This is a binary statistic, meaning "yes they attended this class" or "no they didn't". Meaning it will be either 0% or 100% for each student, for each class. For dated classes, the metric does not track how long they were in the classroom or whether they viewed any of the materials, just that they entered during class time. For non-dated classes, viewing any portion of the materials or entering a question or responding to an activity slide counts as attendance.

Definition #1: For classes that have a date/time, Attendance is granted if the student enters the online classroom DURING the time it is scheduled. There is actually a "buffer" built in, so that Students can enter the classroom anytime between 45 minutes before the scheduled class starts, and 5 minutes before it ends to get credit for being in class during class time.

Definition #2: For classes with NO date/time, Attendance is granted if the student enters the classroom and views the video, views the presentation, and/or responds to an Activity slide.
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