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Editing a Class or Collection Name, Description, Date, or Time
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019 10:15AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Since system-generated classes are named using the capture schedule name (which is also often the section name) or "Ad Hoc Capture" for those captures you initiated, you may want to edit the titles of your classes, to identify the subject matter for each class. For Collections, you may need to change the collection name to more accurately reflect the contents, if more are added. 

Instructors and teaching assistants can edit the Name and Description of any class in in the section. Instructors and teaching assistants can also edit the Date, Time, and Duration of system (schedule) generated classes if those classes have already occurred. Manually-created classes can always be edited.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT edit the date or time for future classes created by the system to capture a lecture schedule. If necessary create a new class for the appropriate date/time, or create a class with no date or time (the class must have a name).

To edit class or collection details (the steps are identical for classes or collections)

  1. Navigate to the class list for a section, either by clicking a Course tile on the Echo360 Home page, or via a link in your LMS.
    Class List showing existing classes and icons for steps as described
  2. Click on the edit icon located on the right side of the class or collection row (it looks like a pencil), as shown in the below figure.
    class list with edit icon identified for class as described
  3. In the Edit lesson/Edit collection dialog box, edit the Name and Description as needed. If it is an instructor-created class or collection, you can also edit or remove the Date, Time, and/or Duration.
    Remember that classes/collections must have EITHER a Name or a Date/Time/Duration. They can have both but they must have one or the other.
    Edit lesson dialog box with fields for steps as described
  4. Click OK.
    The Class List refreshes to include the changes you made.
Class list with renamed ad hoc capture class as described
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