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Showing or Hiding Slides in PPT and Echo360
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2017 12:47PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Once a presentation has been published, it can be presented in the classroom through PowerPoint, including the Activity slides. Activity slides need to be published in order to be processed by Echo360, then returned for viewing as interactive activities in the classroom.

In some cases, instructors hide some slides and show others in the presentation in the classroom. Echo360 honors these settings, so that students cannot see hidden slides in the Echo360 classroom if the slide is also hidden in the presentation itself.

The Hidden/Visible status of any given slide is applied in the Echo360 version of the presentation when the presentation is published. If the show/hide status of a slide is changed, you must Update the published presentation to transfer that status to the Echo360 version.

To coordinate show/hide slides between PowerPoint and Echo360 presentations

  1. Create and/or edit the presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Log in and publish the presentation through the Echo360 ribbon.
  3. In PowerPoint, select which slides to show or hide for in-class presentation of the materials, and apply that status to the slides.
  4. Update the published version through the Echo360 ribbon.

The published Classroom version of the presentation reflects the hidden slides and will NOT show them to students viewing the presentation through Echo360.

Two items to note:

  • You can show/hide any slide in Echo360, but making that change will NOT be reflected back into the PowerPoint version of the presentation; communication of slide status is one-way, to Echo360 from PowerPoint only.
  • To synchronize the show/hide status of slides in a deck from PowerPoint to Echo360, you must Update the published version through the ribbon. Changes are not communicated until the publishing information is updated.

For more information on using the PowerPoint show/hide slide functionality, see:
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