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Publishing or Updating Presentation through PowerPoint
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 03:01PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Once you are finished creating or editing your presentation, the Echo360 PowerPoint ribbon allows you to publish directly to a class from within PowerPoint.

Added Benefit to the Ribbon: If you use a PowerPoint plug-in (such as ChemDraw) to generate equations, molecular drawings, or other items for your PowerPoint presentation, publishing through the PowerPoint Ribbon add-on retains plug-in content in the presentation. Alternately, you can convert the PPT to PDF and upload the PDF instead. Uploading these presentations through the Echo360 UI may strip these items or otherwise alter the presentation.

You must sign in through the PowerPoint ribbon to make the Publish feature available.

Powerpoint ribbon with user signed in and interactivity options enabled as described

Publishing through PowerPoint has three different workflows:

  • Publishing a new presentation (previously un-published)
  • Editing a presentation and updating the published version for the section/class
  • Editing a presentation and publishing to a different class
  • Related: changing availability settings for the published presentation

The instructions below apply to initial publishing and subsequent updates to the same presentation for the same class. For editing then publishing to a different class, see Changing Publishing Info through PowerPoint

Each local PPT file can correspond to only one section/class
When you publish a file through PowerPoint, you are prompted to save the file first. This is so that when you open the file later, the PowerPoint Ribbon can display accurate section publishing information in the Class Status section of the toolbar. This means that each file can be associated to only one publishing location.

To publish the SAME presentation to different sections, publish through your Echo360 Home page.

To publish to multiple locations through PowerPoint, the file should differ slightly, and/or you must save the file with a name that differentiates either the content or the section/class to which it is published.

To publish a presentation from PowerPoint

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and Sign In through the Echo360 tab.
  2. Review your slide deck to be sure it is complete and ready for publishing.
  3. Click Publish from the Echo360 ribbon. You may be prompted to save the file.
    The Publish dialog box appears.
    Publish to ALP dialog box with section and class configuration options as described
  4. Enter or edit the Name of the Slide Deck you are publishing. By default, the name of the file appears in the text box.
  5. Select the Course and section to which you are publishing the presentation.
  6. Select an Existing Class to hold the presentation, or click the New Class tab to create a new class for the file. Existing Classes are only listed if they do not already have a presentation (each class can contain only one presentation).
  7. If creating a new class, enter a Class Name for the class,
  8. Edit the date, the start time and duration for the class, or retain the defaults.
  9. If desired, enter a Description for the class.
    Publish to ALP dialog box showing the new class tab with fields as described
  10. On the right side configure the following availability options:
    • Available Now - makes the presentation available immediately. This is the default.
    • On a specific date - enter the date you want to presentation to become available for students to view.
    • Don't make available - allows the presentation to be published to the class, but students cannot view it until you make it available.
  11. If appropriate, configure the following unavailability options:
    • Never - the presentation will remain available until it is removed from the class or you manually make it unavailable. This is the default.
    • On a specific date - enter the date you want to presentation to become no longer available for students to view.
  12. When finished, click OK.

The presentation is published to the class. The Class Status section of the ribbon now reflects the location to which the item has been published, and the Publish button has changed to Update.

Use the Update button if you make edits to the presentation and want to post the new version to the same class.

powerpoint ribbon with update button showing after publishing as described
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