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Reviewing Student Responses to Polling Questions
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2019 01:27PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The POLLING Tab allows you to review all of the student responses to the polling questions (also referred to as Activity Slides or Activity Questions) included in your class slide decks.

To view student responses to polling questions

  1. Navigate into a course and open the Polling page. 
  2. Select a class from the drop-down list. Only classes that have slide decks containing polling questions are listed.
  3. Use the Slide drop-down list to select different Polling questions in that class to review.
    The question along with any possible selections you provided appear on the left side of the page.
    If a correct answer was indicated, this is shown below the provided selections, along with a count of students who gave that answer.
    Any incorrect answers given are also listed below the question on the left side, along with the number of students who gave that answer.
    Polling Page for a course showing Class and Slide selection drop-downs as described
  4. Review the student responses on the right side of the page. 
    If a correct answer is identified for the question, students who gave correct answers are shown in green with a checkmark. 
    Student responses of incorrect answers are shown in red.
  5. Click an answer on the left below the question, to filter the student list to only those students who gave it.
  6. Click the answer a second time to remove that filter on the student list.
  7. If the polling question required a justification, click on a student's entry; their justification appears below their answer.
    Polling question with responses and a justification shown as described
  8. Use the Slide selection drop-down list to view a different activity slide.

As stated in the procedure above, for activities where you provided answers to select from, the answers are listed below the question on the left side, with the correct answer (if one is identified) highlighted in green. All responses given are also shown with the number of students who submitted that response.

Viewing Image Quiz Responses

Since Image quiz polling questions do not have "listable" responses, identifying which response was given by which student is a little different.

To view image quiz polling responses

  1. Open the Polling page and use the Class drop-down list to select a class. 
  2. Use the Slide drop-down list to select an image quiz polling slide. 
    Notice that the question and the image appear on the left, including the correct answer if identified.
    Notice also the student submissions, indicated by small square yellow dots. 
    Polling tab with image quiz showing items as described
  3. Hover your mouse over a student listed on the right who responded to the quiz.
  4. As you hover, an outline appears around their response mark in the quiz image on the left. This is shown in the above figure.
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