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Turning Section Features On and Off
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 01:22PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The Features tab of the Settings page for a section, shown below, provides the ability for instructors to enable or disable certain features surrounding the content published to classes in the section.  Each feature setting has a toggle with a brief description, but for additional information, see the help articles linked below.

NOTE: If any of the toggles are set but dimmed and you cannot change them, this means the feature has been set by an administrator at a higher level (the Department, Organization, or Institution) and does not allow overrides to this setting. If you think you should be able to change this setting, contact your administrator.

Section feature toggles include:

  • Q&A - Turns on and off the Q&A tab and Classroom Discussion feature for the section. If disabled, the Q&A tab is not available, nor is the Q&A button or panel in any classroom.
  • Co-instructor edits - Allows other instructors and teaching assistants in the section to edit media published to classes. You can always edit any media you own; this toggle allows instructors and teaching assistants to edit media they do NOT own.
  • Class Content downloads - Turns on and off the ability for students, teaching assistants, and instructors in the section to download published media for offline use or viewing.
    Turning ON the main Content Downloads toggle allows you to then determine if downloads should be limited to only the Audio file for a capture, and also whether or not users can download media from the section after the term has ended.
  • ASR - Turns on and off the automatic transcriptioning of captures and videos published to this section. If turned on, video media, when published, is sent to the ASR service to receive machine-generated transcriptions, which are then visible in the classroom. Videos over 4 hours long will not be transcribed.
  • Delay video availability - Determines whether students can view videos in the classroom before they have closed captions applied (for accessibility compliance). If turned ON, video media is not visible in the classroom to students until it has closed captions. Instructors see that the video is there, but the icon is gray indicating that it is unavailable to students.
  • Allow instructors and teaching assistants to copy course content/Allow students to copy course content  - Two separate toggles that determine whether instructors and/or students in the section can create their own copies of class-published content.  NOTE that the Student copy toggle has no effect if the Student Library is disabled. You can turn the toggle on, but the Create copy option will not appear for students in the media icon menu in the class list.
  • Clone Section - Only available to Primary Instructors on a section; allows the primary instructor to create a copy of the section, including all classes and published media, though the classes are given different (or no) dates depending on clone options selected.

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