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Cloning Sections (for Instructors)
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 01:07PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Cloning your section is the process of creating a new section in a new term or in the same term (for multiple offerings of the same section/same term), and copying all of the classes and their content into the new section. Cloning does not carry over any students, instructors (other than the primary instructor), analytics, Q&A or confusion markings on content. Only the classes and their content are cloned into the new section.

You have the option to give the new "cloned" section a set schedule, such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10am to 11am, copying the existing classes into that schedule. Alternately, the cloned section can have NO set schedule, and the existing classes will be copied with their class name and content, but with no date/time applied to them.

Only the Primary Instructor can clone the section. This user also becomes the primary instructor for the cloned section, however, this can be changed by an administrator if necessary.

When cloning a section you must select a Term and a Course. If the ones you need do not yet exist, you cannot clone the section. Contact your administrator for assistance.

You may need to prepare your section for cloning: If cloning a section into a class-schedule pattern, and there are more classes in the section than can be fit into the pattern within the term, the remaining classes are copied but have no date/time assigned to them. If there are manually-created classes in the section co-located with the scheduled classes, this can badly throw off the cloned class pattern. Instructors should plan to reorder their class list prior to cloning to account for these supplemental classes, specifically moving all manually created classes to the bottom of the class list prior to cloning.
Refer instructors to Preparing for Section Cloning for more information.

To clone a section to a new term and/or course

  1. From the Echo360 Home page, find the course you want and click on its tile to show the class list.
  2. Click the SETTINGS tab.
  3. Click Features from the options on the left.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, enter a Section Name.
  6. Select a Term and Course from the drop-down lists.
  7. Use the radio buttons to determine if the cloned classes are to be set to a schedule or not. The effects of each option are described in more detail below the procedure.
    clone section dialog box with options for steps as described
  8. f you select to clone the classes on a schedule, enter a Start date, a Start time for each class, a Duration, the weekly frequency, and the days of the week the copied classes should be set to occur.
    NOTE: Any captures generated for the new section will occur and appear separately from your cloned classes.
  9. When finished, click CLONE.

The new section appears in your dashboard, though may be grayed out if the Term selected has not yet started. 

There are no students assigned to the section yet, and you are the only instructor. You may also want to edit some class names and class dates/times if the automated-cloning application of date/time is not appropriate for all classes.

Section Cloning Options

When cloning a section, you have two options for setting the section structure: copy all classes with no date/time/duration, or copy all classes into a schedule structure (one that typically corresponds with the lecture schedule for the class).

If you select to Set all classes to have no date/time/duration pattern, all classes are simply copied, with the same name and with the content currently published to them into the new section. They retain the same order they currently have in the existing section.

You may want to adjust the order or edit the class details such as class name or date/time/duration for some of the copied classes if appropriate.

If you select to Set new date/time/duration pattern for each class, you must select a start date and a duration, and a pattern to follow. Then what happens is this:

  • The first class in your current section is copied and now contains the start date, start time, and duration of the first class in the pattern.
  • The second class is copied and contains the next date, start time, and duration, based on the repeat pattern you select.
  • All subsequent classes are copied following this pattern until there are no more classes to copy, or until the Term end-date is exceeded.

If there are more classes in the section than can be fit into the pattern within the term, the remaining classes are copied but have no date/time/duration assigned to them. You will need to manually adjust these and any other classes as necessary. Alternately, plan to reorder the class list to move all classes that are supplemental to the main class lecture schedule to the bottom of the class list PRIOR to cloning the section. See Preparing for Section Cloning for additional details.

If your administrator then also sets a capture schedule for the section, the classes created by the schedule should appear in the section along with the cloned classes.
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