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Course Analytics - Overview
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019 02:49PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The ANALYTICS page for a course/section provides a lot of information regarding student engagement and classroom participation. There are FIVE tabs in the Analytics page, each of which are described below along with links to more information about the functionality available on the tabs. NOTE that Teaching Assistants CANNOT see the Analytics tab OR the Polling tab, and have no access to any of the functionality described on this page or in this group of help articles.

Analytics page for a course with tab options circled

Be sure to also check out the POLLING page, located to the left of the Analytics page. This tab is where instructors can review student responses to the polling questions put into classes. The Polling tab is easy to navigate, as the ONLY thing it contains is a list of classes that have polling questions, the questions contained in each of those classes, and all student responses provided to those questions. 

Polling Page with class list drop-down and slide question drop-down identified

The tabs, located on the left side of the Analytics page, are as follows:
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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