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Launch the Device Monitor
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018 12:59PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

VERY IMPORTANT!! The Device Monitor can be used in one of two modes. Either using the standard, Echo360 Device Monitor software or using the service-level Echo360 Device Service. The following information applies only to the Device Monitor software.

The Device Monitor software is configured to start when Windows starts. Even if the Device Monitor icon does not appear in the System Tray, the Device Monitor is active and the light should show current capture status and allow you to press it to start, pause or otherwise control a capture.

To manually launch the Device Monitor:

  • Double-click the Device Monitor icon on the desktop, OR
  • Click Start > Echo360 Device Monitor

If they have not been configured, you will be prompted to complete the Device Configuration defaults and Adhoc Capture settings. These can be done with generic information (applicable to all users) or with instructor-specific information. The information entered is retained on a per-user basis, so that each logged in user can have their own configurations.

Once launched, the Device Monitor can be controlled through the Windows System Tray icon, which looks like the Echo360 logo. Click this icon to open the Device Monitor menu options, as shown in the below figure.

System Tray icon menu for device monitor with options as described
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