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Using the Device Monitor/Capture Control Light - Instructors
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2019 09:27AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

VERY IMPORTANT!! The Device Monitor can be used in one of two modes. Either using the standard, Echo360 Device Monitor software or using the service-level Echo360 Device Service.
If using the standard, Echo360 Device Monitor the PC must be on and a user must be logged in for the software to work.

The Device Monitor light functions as both a capture status indicator and, if using a Delcom light, as a Capture Control Button to start, pause, resume, and stop captures. Note that capture control through the light is enabled by default but can be disabled in the Device Monitor Configuration. If you are not sure this functionality is available to you, check with your administrator.

If using the light with the Pod or Pro, the color/flash indicators use the default setting. In addition, when using a Delcom light, you can only pause or resume a capture. See Using the Delcom with a Pro or Pod appliance for additional information on the functional limitations.

If using the Echo360 Device Service, you cannot initiate an ad hoc capture with a Delcom light. See the Using the Device Monitor as a Service for additional information.

Adjust the Tension of the Delcom Light: There is a screw in the bottom of the light that may need to be loosened in order to "feel" the light as a button. The light is typically shipped with the screw tightened to avoid unnecessary movement or loosening during shipment. The button feature does not have to feel like a button in order to work, but some users may be bothered by the lack of obvious movement when they press the light.

Capture Status Indicators

The Device Monitor light indicates the current status of the capture using both steady-state and blinking LED lights of different colors. The default settings are shown below but can be changed.

By default, the light indicator settings are as follows:

  • Light Off - The recording device is idle OR the device monitor software is not running or is not communicating with the recording device.
  • Steady Red Light - The device is currently recording.
  • Steady Yellow Light - The device is currently preparing to start a capture (called "Waiting" mode).
  • Flashing Yellow Light - The capture is currently paused. No inputs are being captured.
  • Flashing Green Light - The capture has been stopped and capture processing is being completed. The light will turn off when finished.
  • Flashing Red Light - There has been an error capturing or communicating with the recording device. You may need to stop and then start a new capture.
  • Steady Green Light - Not used by default but can be configured for any of the LED states.

NOTE: The "light indicators" listed above are based on the default Device Monitor Configuration settings. Your administrator may have changed these settings. Contact your administrator if necessary.

Controlling Captures

The button functionality is only available with the Delcom USB HID Visual Signal Indicator. Contact your administrator if necessary.

If capture controls are enabled for the light, the light will control captures as follows:

  • To Start an ad hoc capture: Press and hold the light for two seconds or until it turns yellow. The device will turn Red when recording begins.
  • To Pause a Capture: Tap or press the light briefly; it will flash yellow to indicate a paused capture.
  • To Resume a paused Capture: Tap or press the light briefly; it will turn red again to indicate the capture has resumed.
  • To Stop a Capture: Press and hold the light for two seconds or until it begins to flash green. When the capture processing is complete, the light will turn off.

Whenever the light is used to initiate a capture, the default capture settings configured for the light are used to define the title, duration, and inputs for the capture, as well as the section to which it will be published (if configured). See Ad hoc Capture and Settings for information on viewing or configuring currently applied ad hoc settings.

NOTE: You cannot Extend a Capture using the light. You must use the System Tray menu available with the Echo360 Device Monitor software. See the instructions that follow.

If you want to Extend a capture already in progress (either ad hoc or scheduled), you must use the device monitor's System Tray menu. Be advised, however, that if there is a subsequent capture scheduled for the room, you cannot extend the current capture beyond the starting time of the next scheduled capture for that room.

System Tray Menu Capture Control Can Be Used In Lieu of Light: The below instructions for Extending a capture can also be used to Start, Pause, Resume, and Stop a capture if you prefer to use the System Tray menu or if pressing the Device Monitor light does not work.

To Extend a Capture:

  1. Click the Echo icon for the device monitor in the Windows System Tray.
    device monitor system tray menu for steps as described
  2. Select Extend Capture from the System Tray menu.
  3. Enter the amount of time you want to extend the current capture. This duration is added to the existing capture. For example, if the original duration was set to 45 minutes, enter 15 into this dialog box to make the capture 1 hour.
  4. When finished, click OK.

The capture will continue for the configured extension or until you manually stop the capture.

NOTE: The System Tray menu is not available when using the Echo360 Device Service.
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