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Editing a Presentation
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 01:03PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

You can select to edit a presentation from the Content Home page or from the Class List where it is published. Typically you can only edit presentations you have uploaded or copied, and which you own. However if you are a co-instructor in a section where co-instructor edits of media is permitted, you may be able to edit another user's presentation.

IMPORTANT: Editing a presentation is limited to:

  • Creating, editing, or deleting activity/polling or other media slides.
  • Adding slides from another presentation, either one you upload or one already resident in your library
  • Rearranging the slides in the deck

YOU CANNOT edit the base file's slides; those changes must be done in PowerPoint or whatever presentation/PDF program you used to generate them in the first place. Echo360 does NOT have an editing function for slides that are not created IN Echo360 (activity or media slides).

See Working with Slides and Presentations and its related articles for links and detailed instructions on uploading content, and adding slides and activities to your presentation.

ALTERNATELY, if you are an instructor and you use Windows OS, you can download and install the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Ribbon add-on provided by Echo360. This add-on allows you to create and edit a slide deck through PowerPoint, including adding activity slides, then publish it to a class.

To edit a presentation

  1. Click on a Presentation tile in your Echo Content Home page to open the Content Details page
  2. Click the Edit Media option located below the preview panel.
    Content Details page for a presentation with Edit Media option identified as described
    The slide deck opens in the editor window.
    Edit presentation window showing all slides in the selected deck as described
  3. Drag and drop slides to rearrange them as needed.
  4. Use the Add Activity and Add Slides buttons to add each to the deck.
  5. Hover your mouse over a slide to reveal buttons for editing (a pencil), viewing, and deleting the slide (the X button). 
    Edit presentation window with the Add Slides and Add Activity buttons identified as well as an individual slide editing options as described
  6. When finished click the "Back Arrow" that appears in the top left corner, to return to the media details page.  

Your changes take place in the presentation immediately and are reflected in any class that includes the presentation.

As stated above, see  Working with Slides and Presentations and its related articles for links and detailed instructions on uploading content, and adding slides and activities to your presentation.
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