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Viewing Live Classes - Best Practices
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018 12:24PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

Echo360 allows for classes to be viewed in real-time, while they are happening. These are called LIVE classes. Some institutions use these for special events or speakers. Some institutions use these for regular classes, to allow remote students to be a part of the class while it's happening.

Watching classes live is very similar to watching recorded classes except that:

  • You can't control the playback (fast forward, rewind, pause); you can only show or hide the live stream.
  • Any notes you take will NOT be time-stamped; your notes will exist but they will not reference any particular location because live streams don't have locations. Recordings do. Slides are referenced if applicable.
  • Any Questions or Responses you post for discussion cannot be tagged with a video reference location; live streams are not recorded videos and therefore do not have "reference locations". You can reference slide numbers however. Note that once the live stream is processed and IF it is posted as a recorded video, you can go back and edit your discussion posts to reference a location. 

If viewing the Live stream on a mobile device: When Echo360 detects you are viewing a live stream from a mobile device, it automatically buffers 40 seconds of the stream to ensure smooth playback. This means you may experience a delay in the start of the stream, and that your view will lag anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute behind the real-time action.

Also, note that viewing Live streams is not supported on Android devices.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to read and as necessary perform the configuration steps provided for whichever of the following browser(s) you are using:

These articles provide specifics on setting up your browser to enable the Adobe Flash plugin required to view Live streams.

Finally, understand the viewing a Live stream is a fairly bandwidth-intensive activity. For the BEST LIVE VIEWING experience, try to observe the following:

  • Don't have multiple browsers/tabs open with other streaming services open (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.). Your network connection can only take so much.
  • Don't be on video chat (Skype, FaceTime, etc) with your boyfriend/girlfriend/parents/European pen-pal while also viewing the Live stream.
  • If you are actually IN the room where the Live class/event is occurring, do not try to open the Live stream as well. It is quite likely that there are lots of people in the room trying to use the same wireless access point for a variety of things, and this will only serve to choke the stream to your computer.
  • If you have problems with a smooth viewing of the stream, see if you can use a WIRED vs. a WIRELESS connection to a network access point. Wireless has come a long way, but wired connections are still usually better and faster.

To access a live class:

  1. Navigate to the Class List page (click ALL CLASSES from the DASHBOARD) and scroll to the current date.
    The live class appears with a LIVE badge next to the class name. If the class is happening now, the LIVE badge is green and there is a green dot to the left of the class name, as shown in the below figure.
    class list showing a currently happening live class as described
  2. Click the class row to enter the classroom.
  3. Since Live streams will not autoplay, click Show Live Stream to see the stream. You can hide the stream at any time if necessary. If you are IN the classroom being streamed, there is  no need to also view the stream on your computer.

The classroom toolbar appears across the top of the screen, allowing you navigate out of the classroomopen the Notes panel, or open/close the Questions panel.
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