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What's On Your Dashboard?
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018 11:16AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

If you enter Echo360 through an LMS, you may not see or use the Dashboard page very often. Links from the LMS typically point you to the Class List for your Section or all the way into a Classroom.

If you log directly into Echo360, and/or click Dashboard from the main menu, you will see your dashboard page, which includes a list of all of the sections in which you are enrolled for the current Term, along with previews of the presentations and videos from the most recent classes.

Student Dashboard page with course information and navigation options as described

The Dashboard only shows Active Term courses by default. Use the Term drop-down list, located in the top right corner, to select a different term (or All Terms) to view.
Sections for terms that have expired are dimmed on the page. They are still selectable and you may still be able to view the content for those classes.

Within the section panel, you can see a Personal Statistics area showing the following information:

  • New Questions: The number shown in the New Questions panel is the number of posts or responses that have been entered for the section that you have not yet read.
  • Attendance percentage: This is the percentage of classes in the section that the system logged you as "attending". Typically this means that you entered the Echo360 Classroom during the time when the class actually took place (e.g., Tuesday between 9 and 10 am). For classes that do not have dates, "attended" also means entering the classroom and viewing the video or slide presentation, and answering any activity slides.
  • Notes Word Count: This is the total number of words that you have entered into the Notes panel for classes in the section.
  • Q&A Posts: This is the number of questions and/or responses you have posted to section discussions, either within classrooms or on the Q&A tab for the course.

Click All Classes for a course to go to the class list page, showing a list of all classes by date and title (if one is given for the class).

Alternately, you can use the COURSES drop-down from the main navigation bar to select from courses in the Active Term. Selecting a course here takes you to the class list for the course, the same as clicking All Classes for that course.
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